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be sold a pup

slang To have bought something that is ultimately worthless. Primarily heard in UK. I'm sorry, but that's definitely not an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. You've been sold a pup, my friend.
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be sold a pup

If someone is sold a pup, they buy or accept something that is not as good as they thought it would be. It's the car you want at the price you want to pay. But can you trust the seller, or will you be sold a pup? The pictures were published in good faith but the newspaper discovered two days later that they had been sold a pup. Note: A pup is a puppy or young dog, and is probably being contrasted with an animal that is older and does not need to be trained before being put to work.
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sell someone a pup

swindle someone, especially by selling them something that is worthless. British informal
This phrase originated in the early 20th century; the idea behind it is presumably that of dishonestly selling someone a young and inexperienced dog when an older, trained animal had been expected.
1930 W. Somerset Maugham Cakes and Ale The public has been sold a pup too often to take unnecessary chances.
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sell somebody/buy a ˈpup

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) sell somebody or be sold something that has no value or is worth much less than the price paid for it: I’m wondering whether this really is a genuine Rolex. Do you think I’ve been sold a pup?The idea behind this idiom seems to be that someone dishonestly sells a young dog with no experience to someone who is expecting a more valuable older trained dog.
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beat the dummy

and beat the meat and beat one’s meat and beat the pup and choke the chicken and pound one’s meat and pull one’s pud and pull one’s wire and whip one’s wire and whip the dummy and yank one’s strap
tv. to masturbate. (Usually objectionable.) Are you going to sit around all day pulling your pud? We heard him in there “choking the chicken,” as the street crowd says.
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beat the pup

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since Hector was a pup

A very long time ago. One explanation suggests that the expression might have become popular in the 1920s when many schoolboys studied Greek and had dogs named Hector after the Homeric hero. Another possibility is also rooted in classical studies: according to the playwright Euripides, Hector's mother, Hecuba, was turned into a dog for murdering the killer of her older son; therefore, Hector was the son of a dog, which made him a pup. In any event, the phrase is now obsolete.
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