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feel puny

To feel sick. I woke up feeling puny, so I just stayed in bed all day. Elise didn't come to the party because she's feeling puny.
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feeling (kinda) puny

feeling ill. I'm feeling puny. Think I might be coming down with a cold. Bill had to skip football practice on account of he was feeling puny.
See also: feeling, puny
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As many have noted before me: If God cares about our puny species, then disasters prove that he is not all-powerful; and if he is all-powerful, then clearly he doesn't give a damn.
The Fed's puny rate increases pale in comparison to the interest spiking potential of the twin deficits--in trade and the federal budget.
Jester was an easy read, perfect for a lazy summer afternoon in the shade by a lake, listening to the laughter of gentle waves and the distant laughter of a raucous crow laughing at we puny humans.
Monotheism, says the rabbi, with its "dichotomy" of an all-powerful God vis-a-vis a wholly separate, puny human being, sets us up to feel jealousy and resentment toward God.
But, in the 1950s when we towered over the puny 5-foot-3 frames of Holland's average Jan, the Dutch began an astonishing turnaround.
We want to honor our relationship and entanglements in verbal and ritual ways, while Jesus shakes his head at the puny scope of our commitments.
We'll concern ourselves with the 17-inch widescreen, WXGA LL-M17W1 model, because it's sexier and the M15X1 is just a puny 15-incher.
When I was 4 foot 6 in seventh grade, people would walk by and say to their friends, "Look at that puny sixth-grader.
The Zora Neale Hurston in Wrapped in Rainbows is a committed, passionate anthropologist, whose creative ambitions make those of several other Harlem Renaissance writers and artists seem puny by comparison.
I received a letter recently from a reader who complained bitterly because a load I had published was entirely too puny for his tastes.
Amid this primeval vastness, bleached by blistering sun and blasted by tempestuous rain, the small provincial city of Tucson is a puny blip of air-conditioned civilization basking in summer temperatures that regularly reach 45 deg C.
CGEY may be facing tough times, but as Private Eye observes, "could doubtless stand the puny fine that such an offence would attract".
Unfortunately, the news has brought us so up-to-date on Afghanistan as to render Kushner's fantasy version implausible and the father-daughter domestic dramas that he plays out against the war-tom backdrop almost intolerably puny.
When the newsletter goes daily, we may even add graphics to this puny web site.
A composer's music may `last too long', `give us a headache', or `not have a decent tune in it', but if the hand of God has touched it, we are wasting our time requiring him or her to conform to our puny and limited imaginations.