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take a punt at

1. To make an attempt at; to try. John's taking a punt at writing for an online magazine. He says he likes it so far.
2. To make a guess or estimate about. Many tech websites like this try to take a punt at what cultural trends will be like, but few of them are ever on the mark.
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take (or have) a punt at

have a go at; attempt. Australian & New Zealand informal
1998 Times: Magazine However cheerfully positive I can be about the future, the man from the Pru isn't going to take a punt on me living the full term.
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in. to do something different in a pinch; to improvise. (From the act of kicking the ball in order to gain ground in football.) Everyone expected me to lose my temper, so I punted. I cried instead of getting mad.
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It remains the case that the vast majority of punters are no threat to bookies' profits and are therefore allowed to have as much as they like on whatever they like.
Mr Punter said he was left devastate d by his pal's death in May and went on to suffer mental health issues of his own.
Most punters believe the BJP will easily bag 200 seats on its own and some are of the opinion that it can go up to 235 seats.
All were designed to speed what punters call their "get-off time," and enhance his distance and placement.
Now Bryan, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound senior, is regarded as one of the best punters in the country.
The snapper has to do it right or the blockers will have trouble protecting long enough and the punter won't have enough time to execute properly.
Pathologies suggest that Punter has got lost in his own web of
Another punter said that these big players have their networks many big cities like Mumbai, Jaipur and others.
The birth of the Starting Price Regulatory Commission was never in the long-term interests of the punter either and the new system of returning starting prices has already come under fire.
Once these two parts of the punt operation are solid, you will only need that great punter.
That's all we've been trying to do, try to get me one-on-one with the punter.
William Hill chairman John Brown said: 'The British punter wins because this will make it possible for us to offer deduction-free betting for the first time since betting shops were introduced 40 years ago.
The Champion will be the punter with the biggest winnings overall from backing horses to win and laying horses to lose, with all participants starting from an initial GBP 100 entry stake.
A PUNTER scooped pounds 40,000 after betting Lewis Hamilton would win a Formula 1 race - when the driver was 13.
Tom Malone, the accidental punter on USC's affluent championship football teams, bases his successes and failures one kick at a time.