pump some iron

pump (some) iron

tv. to lift weights. Andy went down to the gym to pump some iron.
See also: iron, pump
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Pump some iron as Sweddy Bear, save the world as Toilet Paper Man, spread the love as Cupid and just have fun being a Country Bumpkin, The Jumping Dead Zombie, Creepy Clown, Zeus, the Grim Reaper, and Spring Chicken, just to name a few.
It's compounded by the fact that most players, when they get a bit of free time, are more likely to go to the gym and pump some iron than out onto the field with five or six balls to practise kicking.
Executive types might want to forego the expensive gyms on and off Broad Street to come and pump some iron here in the outdoor gym.
Pump some iron, whether it's a body pump class, body weight exercises at home or lifting weights in the gym, this is the best way to burn fat and shape the muscles fast.
I am a morning person," says the actor as he gets ready to pump some iron.
WORKERS can pump some iron during their lunch break thanks to a new outdoor gym.
So quit your jibber-jabber and let's pump some iron.
The 35-year-old singer, who has endured pain in his back, knee, and groin, revealed he was planning to pump some iron to get fit again.
Enjoy a swim, pump some iron in the gym, try out a gentle exercise class (or even a vigorous Cycle Reebok class, if you have the energy) and chill out in the beautiful grounds.
A few years later he was persuaded by a particularly eager work mate to go and pump some iron in the gym.
Or will he be swopping his smart suit for some lycra shorts ready to pump some iron like his lookalikeSLEAZY: Prince Charles' companion Camilla Parker Bowles (left) looking a touch more elegant than her lookalike in BBC 2's new satirical comedy Double Take
You can hit the driving range, pump some iron, read your e-mails or relax with a cool drink while you watch your "baby" being pampered.
Youngsters from across Newcastle's West End flocked to the West Gate Centre to pump some iron and make the most of the state-of-the-art facilities throughout the school holidays.