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beat (someone) to a pulp

To deliver a violent and prolonged physical attack, often to the point of injury. I can't believe that skinny kid beat the bully to a pulp! His nose was totally gushing blood!
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beat someone to a pulp

If someone beats another person to a pulp they injure them very badly by hitting them repeatedly. I tried to talk myself out of a fight and got beaten to a pulp instead by three other boys. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of beat. Motorists were pulled from their cars, kicked to a pulp, and left to die in the road.
See also: beat, pulp

beat (or smash) someone to a pulp

beat someone severely.
See also: beat, pulp
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However, due to constantly-depressed downstream viscose fiber market, price of dissolving pulp continued to drop, being USD800/ton around at the end of 2014.
Our sawmills need pulp and paper operations to use the wood chips they produce, and this helps to ensure that.
But the best pulp can only result from our combined efforts.
In Indonesia, the pulp and paper industry is destroying rainforest so quickly that it will run out of wood by 2007, according to a report by Friends of the Earth.
Our aim in the present study was to investigate further the link between pulp mill effluent exposure and male-biased sex ratios of the eelpout.
DuPont initiated studies to define a method to disperse para-aramid pulp into rubber, and this effort led to development of a unique new technology platform for dispersing pulp into an elastomer matrix.
However, he adds, because the test data show that this system can also destroy chlorinated organic chemicals, any contaminants that do form might be purged by simply recycling the contaminated wastewater -- minus the pulp -- through the electrolytic cell.
The market pulp section also analyses imports and exports, by country/region, and the sources of pulp used in the Russian pulp and paper industry.
The Canadian pulp and paper industry has embarked on a three-year national communications program to better inform the public about the industry, particularly with regard to its environmental performance.
Because the processes and pulp stock vary considerably among the mills, their dioxin/furan production probably does also.
VCP plans to expand its annual market pulp production capacity to 3.
2], papermakers may be able to decrease oxalate-related scaling without sacrificing brightness in bleached mechanical pulp.
NYSE: POP) today announced a major new contract customer for pulp made at its Halsey, Oregon mill.
com), an online investment newsletter focused on long-term growth and income-generating stocks, announced today that it has provided subscribers with a detailed two-part report on pulp and paper stocks, including Pope & Talbot (NYSE: POP), International Paper (NYSE: IP), Weyerhaeuser (NYSE: WY), Votorantim Celulose e Papel (NYSE: VCP), Aracruz Celulose (Nasdaq: ARA), and others.
We offer more than 7,000 performance-enhancing products and services to more than 25,000 customers in diverse industries worldwide, including pulp, paper and tissue manufacturing, and paper recycling.