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Something or someone that is popular and attracts a large audience. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The critics are saying that this film is going to be a real crowd-puller, so we should buy our tickets before they sell out!

a crowd-puller

  (British & Australian)
something or someone that many people are keen to go and see This year's final will be a major crowd-puller -- Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the country's most popular teams and are also fierce rivals.
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Puller (1898-1971) had a reputation for incredible toughness.
But with the help of her team, she managed to train ten rickshaw pullers, who can now converse in understandable Hindi and know north campus' history quite well.
Sarmah said after surveying about 300 rickshaw- pullers in Guwahati, he found that over 95 per cent shared a similar plight.
Reciprocating head and cleated pullers for pultrusion, plus standard and wet saws.
Downstream equipment includes vacuum calibration tables, pullers, saws, collection tables, spray baths, dry-face cutters, and pneumatic cooling systems.
The Condux Tesmec line of hydraulic pullers, tensioners, puller-tensioners and stringing blocks represents the safest and most reliable equipment in the power transmission and distribution industry.
Martha Puller Downs, daughter of General Puller, served as the ship's sponsor.
HiCz is GT's proprietary next-generation monocrystalline PV puller capable of growing both p-type and n-type monocrystalline ingots.
TWENTY-SEVEN years ago a rickshaw puller operating in the Walled City would often visit Raisina Hills area to have a look at British-era buildings including Rashtrapati Bhavan without knowing that one day he would be one of the guests at the Presidential palace.
The 90-mm line was already equipped with a Gravitrol[R] (gravimetric extrusion control) system from PCC; this system was designed to control the weight per unit length of the pipe by monitoring extruder output and adjusting the puller speed.
While Deepika takes on the role of a small town college going student, Farhan looks flawless in his character of chaste rickshaw puller.
The latest post in the company's blog, a resource for DIY and home construction projects, details how removing nails with a nail puller like the Kwick Gripper improves safety in a variety of ways.
99) DAVID Baldacci's latest thriller brings you back into the world of US military criminal investigator John Puller.
In a brutal case of honour killing, 29-year-old Mehtab Alam killed his sister Nilofer Biwi for allegedly having an extra marital affair with a rickshaw puller.
The crime had already been ruled as an accident but Puller finds evidence to the contrary.