pull up

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pull (one) up on (something)

To hold someone responsible or accountable for something they did or said. The boss pulled Larry up for his erratic behavior and sloppy attire. The reporter repeatedly pulled the senator up for his comments about mental health issues.
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pull (someone or something) up

1. To force someone or something upward or upright; to lift someone or something up. Dad pulled him up out of the water. He pulled the mirror up so that it rested against the wall.
2. To produce and open a source of information about someone or something. I pulled her up on social media and learned that she was an investment banker. I'm pulling up an article on 18th-century wig making for a paper I'm writing.
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pull (something) up

1. To bring something close to someone or something else. Why don't you pull up a chair and we can discuss the issue? Pull your seat up here next to me.
2. To maneuver something alongside or in front of something or someone and bring it to a halt. He pulled his car up alongside mine and handed me the package. The police pulled up to the building and radioed for backup.
3. To pull a plant out of the soil. If you don't pull weeds up by the root, they'll always grow back.
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pull up

1. To reach the position or place of someone or something ahead of oneself. The champion runner got off to a rough start but quickly pulled up and passed by the competition.
2. To force the nose of an airplane upward, so as to reduce its descent or increase its ascent. Pilot, you need to pull up or you're going to hit the runway! He pulled up to avoid hitting the top of the skyscraper.
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pull someone or something up

to drag or haul someone or something upward or to an upright position. Bob had slipped down into the creek, so I reached down and pulled him up. I pulled up Bob and nearly fell in myself. Nick pulled the cushion up and propped it against the back of the sofa.
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pull something up (out of something)

to draw something upward out of something. The worker pulled a cold wet dog up out of the pond. He pulled up the dog out of the pond.
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pull up

(somewhere) Go to haul up (somewhere).
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pull up

1. Stop or cause to stop, as in He pulled up his horse, or They pulled up in front of the door. [Early 1600s]
2. Catch up, advance in relation to others, as in a race. For example, She was behind at the start, but she quickly pulled up. [Late 1800s] Also see pull oneself up by one's bootstraps.
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pull up

1. To obtain something by drawing or pulling upwards: I pulled up a large fish yesterday with my new fishing pole. I'll tie the bucket to the rope, and you pull it up to the roof.
2. To uproot something, especially a plant: We pulled up several large weeds from the garden. If you want to get rid of the ivy, you can't just cut it down, you have to pull it up.
3. To draw something close by and make it available for use: I pulled up a chair and sat down. Let's pull a few more seats up to the table for the new guests.
4. To bring some vehicle to a halt alongside something: The drivers must pull up their trucks to the curb before loading them. She pulled the bus up to the school entrance to let the children out.
5. To come to a halt alongside something. Used of vehicles and riders: The truck pulled up to the gas pump. I pulled up to the tollbooth and paid the toll.
6. To move to a position or place ahead, as in a race; catch up: The track star pulled up and passed the leader in the final lap, winning the race.
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