pull together

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pull something together

1. Lit. to close something, such as a pair of drapes or sliding doors. Please pull the doors together when you finish in the closet. Would you pull the drapes together before you turn on the lights?
2. Fig. to assemble something, such as a meal. I will hardly have time to pull a snack together. I will pull a nice dinner together for the two of us.
3. Fig. to organize something; to arrange something. How about a party? I'll see if I can pull something together for Friday night.
4. Fig. to tidy things up; to straighten things up and make them orderly. This place is a mess. Please pull things together.
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pull together (as a team)

to cooperate; to work well together. Let's all pull together and get this done. If we pull together as a team, we can get this job done on time.
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pull together

to work as a group, esp. in order to achieve a result Everyone on our street really pulled together after the fire.
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pull yourself together

to get control of your emotions and actions He's finding it hard to pull himself together after the accident.
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pull together

1. Make a joint effort, cooperate, as in If we pull together, I'm sure we'll meet our quota. [Late 1700s]
2. pull something together. Assemble or gather together, as in Once we pull together all the facts, we'll understand the situation. [Late 1800s] Also see pull oneself together.
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pull together

1. To draw some things closer to each other: We pulled our chairs together so that we could talk.
2. To bring together things gathered from several sources; compile something: The report pulls together findings from previous studies. The way you've written the ending is good—it pulls the whole story together. The tragedy has pulled the community closer together.
3. To make a joint effort toward a common goal; cooperate: The whole community pulled together to rebuild the school that had burned down.
4. To make oneself calm and tranquil. Used reflexively: Stop crying and pull yourself together!
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pull (oneself) together

To regain one's composure.
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pull together

To make a joint effort.
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MapInfo technology is built on open standards and does not rely on proprietary middleware or data formats, which is essential for organizations to be able to effectively pull together information from various sources whenever and wherever they need it.
I think the Antelope Valley should pull together to help,'' said Lancaster attorney Lawrence Hales, president of the Antelope Valley California Republican League.
Global Strategy Corporation brings many years of government and high tech experience to companies, enabling them to pull together the public and private sector.
This vision must pull together training, resources and appropriate intervention if we are to reach the superintendent's goal of an increase of 8 percentile points (on test scores) by the year 2000,'' the board statement said.
The variety of group projects offered in the VOC Guide includes: Eleven-Mile Canyon State Park (VOC trail building project near Divide), Guller Creek Trail Closure (VOC conservation project near Copper Mountain), Frazer Meadows (a VOC youth backcountry trail building project in Golden Gate State Park), Community Fence Day (Community Agriculture Alliance fence building and repair project in the Yampa Valley), and Let's Pull Together (Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society weed pulling of invasive and noxious weeds along Jefferson County trails).
If we pull together and receive the support and a long-term commitment of resources that residents pay for, the Valley will be a model for blight flight in L.
The journal will pull together national and international strategy, professional practice, and technical and scientific issues and integrate them in a way to foster communication within various professional communities, including medicine, public health, law, national security, bioscientific research, and vaccine and drug development.
The ordinance would pull together relevant regulations in existing city and state codes into one comprehensive regulation serving as a tool to eliminate and prevent slum conditions.
In this time of national crisis, corporate America and indeed all Americans must pull together and support both the victims of this horrific event as well as our President as he orchestrates our nation's response.
But Mobutu, who is suffering from advanced prostate cancer, gave no indication of how he planned to pull together his vast country, besieged by a six-month civil war.
com, a leading provider of global virtual and conventional phone card services, as well as other innovative communications solutions, wants to encourage everyone to pull together and step in unison toward national recovery.
Lockheed Martin will use the THINQ TrainingServer LMS to pull together data from 43 learning systems and consolidate content from over 50,000 courses inherited from the merger of Lockheed and Martin Marietta in 1995.
Developed by Polexis, the XIS platform is a technology that provides advanced information integration, management, and visualization services, enabling organizations to pull together information from disparate sources into a consolidated information environment where users can view and manipulate disparate data without being hampered by protocols and platform-specific limitations.