pull to

pull something to

to close something, usually a door of some type. The door is open a little. Pull it to so no one will hear us. Please pull the door to.
See also: pull
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There are some dogs who really love pulling, but I would say that most pull to please their handlers.
Streamlining with dolphin kick getting air when needed (using breaststroke pull to get air, 25-50 yards).
The load on the friction clamp is released by pulling back on the holding winch and removed from the pipe, ready for the pull to recommence.
This increases during the very last pull to overcome friction as the pipestring is winched up the shore to mate with the land-based pipe.
The pulled nurse thought she should remain an LE for a future pull to NICU and the resource nurse agreed.
Meyer's popular business book entitled Pull Thinking: Harness the Power of Pull to Fuel Growth and Ignite Performance by Aligning People, Culture and Purpose.
While the tried-and-true rule hasn't changed - pull to the right and stop for blaring sirens and blazing lights - emergency response teams now encounter motorists who react by changing lanes, slowing down or simply stopping - in the middle of the street.
First, he has an unobstructed view of the playside guard, who must pull to the outside, because of our alignment.
On the snap, the guard will either pull to the outside (Diag.
The two guards and the strong-side tackle pull to the right, with the back-side guard looking for the back-side LB, the strong-side tackle blocking the first defender to show outside of the WB, and the strong-side guard reading the block of his tackle.