pull off

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pull (one) off

1. To suddenly or forcibly remove someone (from something). They pulled the news anchor off when he started swearing on live television. The coached pulled me off when he saw that I was in pain.
2. vulgar slang To masturbate a man until he ejaculates. I heard that she'll pull you off on the first date.
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pull (something) off

1. To forcibly remove something (from or off something else). Don't pull the bandage off or the wound might get infected. Kids have been going around at night pulling numbers off the front of houses.
2. To be able to perform or complete something, especially in the face of hardships, difficulties, or setbacks. Congratulations on winning the case! I wasn't sure you'd pull it off. If they're able to pull the merger off, they would form the largest single corporation in the world.
3. To exit off a major road or highway by means of a lesser one. If you pull off the highway at Junction 5, you'll be able to reach the town in less than an hour. We pulled off at a truck stop just outside the city.
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pull something off

1. Inf. to manage to make something happen. Yes, I can pull it off. Do you think you can pull off this deal?
2. and pull something off (of) someone or something Lit. to tug or drag something off someone or something else. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Sam pulled the covers off the bed and fell into it, dead tired. He pulled off his clothes and stepped into the shower.
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pull off (something)

to steer or turn a vehicle off the road. I pulled off the road and rested for a while. I had to pull off and rest.
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pull off

Accomplish, bring off, especially in the face of difficulties or at the last minute. For example, I never thought we'd ever stage this play, but somehow we pulled it off. [Colloquial; second half of 1800s]
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pull off

1. To remove something by pulling: I sat down and pulled off my boots. Someone pulled the antenna off your car.
2. To extract, remove, or take someone or something from something, such as an assignment or public posting: The network pulled the show off the air when viewers began to complain. The editor pulled the reporter off the story.
3. To exit some roadway or lane of traffic: The car pulled off the highway, and the police followed it onto a country road. Let's pull off at the next rest area and get something to eat.
4. To perform something in spite of difficulties or obstacles; bring something off: The team pulled off a last-minute victory after being down 15 points at halftime. We didn't think we could complete the project before the deadline, but somehow we pulled it off.
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The only way to survive is to avoid deadly obstacles like spike pits and furious lightning bolts, pull off insane tricks and avoid Dixon's evil henchmen.
Nobody expects us to win, so we're going to go down there and see if we can't pull off an upset.
And it could have been two in a minute when Bowey got in a shot only to see Hillcoat pull off another spectacular save.
While on the other end of the spectrum, the celebrity wannabees crumble under the pressure and reliably pull off an array of splendidly bad outfits.
Players can grind off the curbs on San Francisco's world-famous curvy Lombard Street, jump off cannons in Moscow's Red Square, roll over taxis in London or pull off insane tricks in the empty swimming pools of a Miami hotel.
I wanted to see if I could pull off a PG movie, and I got close and pulled off a PG-13 movie.
The Canadian striker is confident the side from the tiny holiday island of Madeira can pull off a shock and send Leeds crashing out of the UEFA Cup.
B) It's the endeavor that will drive ``Pearl Earring'' and ``Lost in Translation'' lass Scarlett Johansson to ponder how to pull off her own perfect score: the systematic obliteration of every print in existence.
In a present day where corruption is built into the system, the Twentyman trio are sprung from jail to do one job, then blackmailed to pull off an even bigger one - ripping off bookies at the Melbourne Cup.
Having never previously sampled a single helping of ``Tuna,'' ``Greater'' or lesser, I have to assume that nobody can pull off this kind of small-town burlesque quite as dexterously as Joe Sears and Jaston Williams, the piece's original writers and performers.
The climax: Madsen, splitting time between center, shooting guard and small forward, averages a triple-double four games in a row, including a 30-20-12 performance in a triple-overtime Game 6 as the Lakers pull off another survival comeback.
The two times that he did pull off this trick, though, bad things followed.
The exit becomes wider so as you pull off the freeway, you can load more (cars) off the freeway, so you don't have a big line going on the freeway,'' Councilman Bob Yousefian said of the $207,000 project.
NHL history shows that 235 teams have tried to pull off the feat and 31 have succeeded.
Those scenes were the most difficult part of the film to pull off with its $13.