pull chain

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pull/yank somebody's chain

  (American & Australian informal)
to say or do something that upsets another person, especially because you enjoy upsetting them Boy, she really knows how to pull your chain!
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A hole drilled in the center where each feather socket is mounted is where you will drop the piece of light pull chain through that is attached to the bottom of your roach feathers.
Godwin says about fence building except the part where he recommends using a tractor to stretch fence wire, and advocating hitching the pull chain to a point on the tractor above the axle.
Many faithfully reproduced traditional suites feature high-level cisterns complete with a pull chain or rod flush.
The kitten, as it had done before, was apparently playing with a lamp pull chain with a metal bead on the bottom.
Nearly every aspect of the lamp, from base to pull chain, has earned more decorative detail, giving the lamps greater sophistication.
The driver said: "The pull chain was on the door and we tried to get it open and the other lady went back across the road and came back with a thin knife.