pull any punches

not pull any punches

to speak in an honest way without trying to be kind This man doesn't pull any punches. I wouldn't like to get into an argument with him
See also: any, pull, punch
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And Professor Green didn't pull any punches when he heard the Made in Chelsea toff, 22, had been bad-mouthing his fiancee Millie Mackintosh, calling her "a show pony".
FORMER Japan boss Philippe Troussier didn't pull any punches last week when he branded current coach Takeshi Okada as "stupid".
Our football panel don't pull any punches, so don't miss out.
Frederick Hess and Martin West do not pull any punches with "Strike Phobia.
Deogratias is less graphic than might be expected from its subject matter, but it doesn't pull any punches.
didn't pull any punches when talking about Zab Judah and the unprofessional manner in which he has handled the promotion for their fight Saturday at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.
Nor did they pull any punches about their reasons for doing so.
These directors would be aggressive in sorting out suspected corporate malfeasance and would not pull any punches when debating issues affecting the future of the commercial enterprise.
The dark comedy imagines a television special on a pair of lesbian serial killers named Casey and the Kidd, and it doesn't pull any punches when it comes to blood and violence.
Famed for being the show in which guests and regulars alike are not ashamed to pull any punches, it's the quiz about the news that regularly makes the news.
Schlosser doesn't pull any punches, explaining in gory detail exactly what lies behind the success of Happy Meals and other fast food creations.
We've shown we don't pull any punches with the Clinton Administration or anyone else," Ireland said.
Cisco does not pull any punches," one reader said of why he felt Cisco deserved to win.
A spokesman said: "Like the real Jose, ours doesn't pull any punches.
MGA really went after them with their statements and didn't pull any punches, but that's been backed up by sales figures.