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puke (one's) guts out

To vomit violently and at length. My friends got me so drunk on my 21st birthday that I spent the whole next day puking my guts out.
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puke up

v. Vulgar Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: I became sick on the carnival ride and puked up my dinner. The cat puked a hairball up.
See also: puke, up


1. in. to vomit. I thought I would puke when I smelled it.
2. n. vomit. Tod put a big hunk of fake plastic puke on the teacher’s desk.
3. n. a totally disgusting and obnoxious person. (Rude and derogatory.) What an ugly puke. Make him leave! Make him handsome!

puke hole

1. n. a tavern. Carl spends almost every evening at the local puke hole.
2. n. a toilet. Bart tried to flush the dope down the puke hole, but the cops caught him.
3. n. a mouth. (Rude.) Shut your puke hole and listen to what I am telling you!
See also: hole, puke

the pukes

n. the feeling of nausea; the feeling of impending vomiting. (Especially with have, get.) Oh my God, I’ve got the pukes.
See also: puke
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Pukes and Staggers is a drinking board game in which players must perform tasks and drink in "creative" ways.
the creators of Pukes and Staggers, had another message to go with the release of the game.
Portlaoise woman Marie, talking about her 20-year-old addict son, said: "He pukes up everything, he's not even eating.
There is something comforting about knowing our clothes were a bargain and it isn't a disaster if the baby pukes on them.
By the time a vengeful, red-skinned man arrives on the scene, railing about how ``all you pukes are going to die,'' you're thankful for the change of pace, not to mention the introduction of a character who doesn't exclusively use four-syllable words.
Cage, cast as an action hero, uses the crazed gleam in his eye and his unpredictable nervous energy to play against type as a brainy, Beatles-loving chemical weapons whiz who pukes into a sink when he learns the true nature of his dangerous mission.