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From the slopes to the streets another key coat trend this season is puffers and ski jackets, as seen at Balenciaga, Dior and Moncler.
The PUFFER -  Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot - could traverse ground that a standard rover would get caught on, making a helpful travel companion.
So we'll hopefully have three seagoing puffers in Scotland soon, and that would be fantastic.
Pooley's Puffers has building kits from Metcalfe, Parkside, Dapol, Wills and Ratio together with a good range of fully-tested and guaranteed second-hand model railways, diecast road vehicles and accessories.
oral paresthesias, weakness, and dyspnea) after consuming dried puffer fish (also known as globefish) purchased during a recent visit to New York City.
Distinctive little Clyde Puffers became world famous thanks to the antics of Captain Para Handy, skipper of the fictional Vital Spark.
THE WORLD'S oldest surviving Clyde Puffer, which starred on television as the Vital Spark, could be broken up within a year.
Wholesale prices for torafugu at Shimonoseki's Haedomari Market can approach and occasionally surpass [yen]30,000 for a single fish caught in its natural habitat, while the far more common commercially bred puffers will cost a third of this, or even less.
In addition, the cigar puffers faced twice the risk of dying from all forms of cancer and from certain diseases of the circulatory system, such as cardiomyopathy, a disorder of the heart muscle.
A number of puffers are caught in North American waters.
Although potentially deadly, puffers are usually extremely placid fish and only become dangerous if threatened or stressed.
Many youngsters don't understand the importance of puffers but hopefully the Vital Spark's appearance here can help change that.
The peak year for puffers of both genders was back in 1966, when 83.