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quench (one's) thirst at any dirty puddle

To be sexually promiscuous. In my day, you had one sexual partner your whole life—now, people will just quench their thirst at any dirty puddle!
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the biggest frog in the puddle

The most powerful, influential, knowledgeable, or experienced person within a small group. This phrase often implies that the person may not have as much clout in a larger group or arena of some kind. Since she was so popular and well-known within the walls of her small high school, Jennifer was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. Once she started attending a large state university, however, she suddenly realized that it would take a lot more effort to make friends. His coarse management style has made it evident that he was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. That attitude certainly won't be tolerated by anyone at his new company.
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biggest frog in the puddle

 and biggest toad in the puddle
Prov. The most important or powerful person in some small, unimportant group. Jill: Elaine seems to be obsessed with becoming class president. Jane: Yes, she really wants to be the biggest frog in the puddle. The people in my office don't care about doing their work; mostly they compete over who will be the biggest toad in the puddle.
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puddle jumper

n. a small airplane. I’m not going to fly 200 miles in that puddle jumper!
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It's all a lot of fun and we know that children who love puddles often grow up to be adults who love the outdoors so, through these championships, we're nurturing a love that may help protect wetlands and the wildlife that depend on them for years to come.
As much as some people think it's fun driving through puddles, things can go wrong.
He said that they were trying to drain the puddles.
The farm is free to visit and it also sells animal feed and there are wooden playhouses and climbing frames so the kids can blow off more steam if they get bored of puddles.
The WHISTLE OF WINGS announced their approach: a pair of mallards, black against the overcast sky, banking toward the puddle in a low, tight circle.
By the help of the co-op farming, villagers bring their water buffaloes to the nearest wetlands and puddles to save them the side effects of the heat weaves.
Broken roads and streets, puddles, oozing sewage and wrecked arteries have all become more visible after the recent rains after the civic agency failed to pump out standing water and puddles.
Jumping Puddles is described in publicity material as "a funny and moving story about two sisters fast-tracked to adulthood".
One unlucky resident of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, said they were soaked "at least five times" by drivers speeding through puddles in Rissington Road.
But since the majority of the braking is done by a car's front brakes, even those cars don't seem to have issues with puddles anymore.
hololius in several rocky, ephemeral, rainwater puddles all over the hills and foothills in rocky hillocks of Gingee, Southern Eastern Ghats, Tamilnadu, India.
If there are no oncoming vehicles, avoid big puddles on the road as heavy rain can hide potholes that can damage your wheels and suspension parts.
RAWALPINDI, February 26, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Large puddles on IJ Principal road have become source of perpetual traffic jams at Pir Wadhai chowk.
Some parents have complained that their children have started to copy the "naughty" behaviour of the cartoon pig and her little brother George - including, wait for it, jumping in muddy puddles, preferring to eat chocolate cake to vegetables and answering back to their parents.
The Oregon Duck mascot - also known as Puddles - competed, too, although since push-ups were not involved, it was not his finest hour.