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quench (one's) thirst at any dirty puddle

To be sexually promiscuous. In my day, you had one sexual partner your whole life—now, people will just quench their thirst at any dirty puddle!
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the biggest frog in the puddle

The most powerful, influential, knowledgeable, or experienced person within a small group. This phrase often implies that the person may not have as much clout in a larger group or arena of some kind. Since she was so popular and well-known within the walls of her small high school, Jennifer was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. Once she started attending a large state university, however, she suddenly realized that it would take a lot more effort to make friends. His coarse management style has made it evident that he was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. That attitude certainly won't be tolerated by anyone at his new company.
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biggest frog in the puddle

 and biggest toad in the puddle
Prov. The most important or powerful person in some small, unimportant group. Jill: Elaine seems to be obsessed with becoming class president. Jane: Yes, she really wants to be the biggest frog in the puddle. The people in my office don't care about doing their work; mostly they compete over who will be the biggest toad in the puddle.
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puddle jumper

n. a small airplane. I’m not going to fly 200 miles in that puddle jumper!
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References in classic literature ?
It glistened darkly in the wet, the dim lamps flickered with each gust, the rain splashed steadily into the puddles and trickled down the water- spouts into the running gutters.
The sun had sunk half below the horizon and an evening frost was starring the puddles near the ferry, but Pierre and Andrew, to the astonishment of the footmen, coachmen, and ferrymen, still stood on the raft and talked.
In the afternoon he went on alone, passing "collections of water," puddles doubtless, the depth of which it was impossible to guess, and looking back upon the ride he marvels at his rash daring.
This was the more distressing as the road, from some recent rain, was full of little puddles of clear water, yet not a drop was drinkable.
This latter appearance is chiefly caused by the salts being drawn up, during the slow evaporation of the moisture, round blades of dead grass, stumps of wood, and pieces of broken earth, instead of being crystallized at the bottoms of the puddles of water.
A hunter told me that he once saw a fox pursued by hounds burst out on to Walden when the ice was covered with shallow puddles, run part way across, and then return to the same shore.
By the magic power of the shoes he was carried back to the times of King Hans; on which account his foot very naturally sank in the mud and puddles of the street, there having been in those days no pavement in Copenhagen.
The shutters were closed, there were few flies, and it was so clean that Levin was anxious that Laska, who had been running along the road and bathing in puddles, should not muddy the floor, and ordered her to a place in the corner by the door.
Association member Peter Budd said the lorry that delivered the material had been too big to take its load to the dam and a friend had agreed to store the puddle clay on his land until it could be moved to the site.
A WITNESS in the trial of two men accused of murder has told a jury how he went into the dead man's room and saw a puddle of blood.
Ms Sharpe set up Puddle Ducks Newcastle in the hope the venture would provide her a better worklife balance, enabling her to spend more time with her family.
Male otter Puddle, who was found in a ditch in Cumbria, and a female, Zoomer, who was abandoned on the isle of Mull, are now inseparable.
Var of sheep entering the puddle to cool themselves
Kathryn Whitehall, | |from Heswall, made a puddle of a pudding, below inset
Jumping Puddles comes from women's theatre company Open Clasp in collaboration with Frantic Assembly and tells the story of Grace and Anna who find themselves trying to stay afloat as they jump from one puddle of emotion to another.