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quench (one's) thirst at any dirty puddle

To be sexually promiscuous. In my day, you had one sexual partner your whole life—now, people will just quench their thirst at any dirty puddle!
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the biggest frog in the puddle

The most powerful, influential, knowledgeable, or experienced person within a small group. This phrase often implies that the person may not have as much clout in a larger group or arena of some kind. Since she was so popular and well-known within the walls of her small high school, Jennifer was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. Once she started attending a large state university, however, she suddenly realized that it would take a lot more effort to make friends. His coarse management style has made it evident that he was used to being the biggest frog in the puddle. That attitude certainly won't be tolerated by anyone at his new company.
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biggest frog in the puddle

 and biggest toad in the puddle
Prov. The most important or powerful person in some small, unimportant group. Jill: Elaine seems to be obsessed with becoming class president. Jane: Yes, she really wants to be the biggest frog in the puddle. The people in my office don't care about doing their work; mostly they compete over who will be the biggest toad in the puddle.
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puddle jumper

n. a small airplane. I’m not going to fly 200 miles in that puddle jumper!
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Some lucky 'super-splashers' will receive a fantastic prize, but every contestant will receive a 'splashtastic' sticker to acknowledge their puddle jumping skills.
Driving through a puddle on the nearside and aquaplaning on the nearside wheels could cause the car to veer into the kerb, she said.
Calderstones Road, Calderstones Sefton Park Whether you go down by the bandstand in Sefton Park or even the paths along the boating lake you are sure to seek out a puddle or two.
Puddle Jumpers boasts up to 300 community volunteers and supports up to 1000 children and relatives including many grandparents who have kinship care of their grandchildren.
Working daily with braille and large-print, Ms Puddle realised how hard it is to find accessible children's fiction, unless it is borrowed from a specialist library service.
Both Foton and F2 Logisitcs had to wait for almost 15 minutes for the leak to subside and the maintenance guys to get rid of the puddle.
No lost birds, no leaky waders, no hassling with a boat or trailer, just a puddle of water and a pile of ducks.
In an interview with The Observer a little more than a year after Periscope with acquired by Twitter, Mr Beykpour said: "The puddle was fascinating because it's an interesting psychological insight into why the live medium can be powerful - even for something that is seemingly so mundane.
She said: "I have become adept at circumventing the puddle with great dexterity.
AP) -- Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin faces charges of drunken driving and fleeing police after a chase in Minnesota that reached speeds of about 100 mph.
Var of sheep entering the puddle to cool themselves
A mysterious beast is terrorizing the village of Upton Puddle.
If you went through a deep puddle with drum brakes, water could get between the brake shoes and the drums and "lubricate'' the brakes.
Jule Ann can't escape the mud puddle that pounces on her whenever she goes outside.