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beat the dummy

and beat the meat and beat one’s meat and beat the pup and choke the chicken and pound one’s meat and pull one’s pud and pull one’s wire and whip one’s wire and whip the dummy and yank one’s strap
tv. to masturbate. (Usually objectionable.) Are you going to sit around all day pulling your pud? We heard him in there “choking the chicken,” as the street crowd says.
See also: beat, dummy

pull one’s pud

See also: pud, pull


n. the penis. Stop scratching your pud in public!
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Further benefits using the matte PUD can be seen with the black heel mark resistance (BHMR) (Figure 8).
A typical anionic polyurethane dispersion, identified as PUD 1, was prepared by prepolymer mixing method (13) in two steps: synthesis of NCO-terminated prepolymers and preparation of dispersions by introducing anionic centers to aid dispersions (Fig.
The entire Valley River Village area was developed as a PUD, Wetzel said.
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Brink is outwitted as Gramps asks him to fetch one last apple before he goes, and Brink is then trapped in the tree - only Pud and Gramps can see and converse with him.
This organism has been associated with a majority of gastric and duodenal ulcers and therapy directed to its eradication has led to long-term, or durable, remissions (or "cure") of PUD.
Chad Rissman, Distribution director, and Andrew Wendell, Customer Service director, said the county's strong economy, along with high-tech and cryptocurrency service requests and the county being a recreation and retirement mecca are among factors that require reevaluation of how the PUD forecasts and plans to meet new load.
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FUTURE'S ORANGE: Heston Blumenthal's famed orange Christmas pud is back in Waitrose stores.
The firm, which supplies supermarkets and provides the Queen's pud, is stepping up production at its factory in Heanor, Derbys.
This is the first time a PUD has been synthesized using an automated parallel reactor system.
A wonder if tha's interested in a bit o' verse (well, it's really a lot o' verse) abaht Yorkshire pud that I wrote for the Rotary Club Of 'Olmfirth's last Yorkshire Neet?