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rag the puck

1. In ice hockey, to attempt to run out the remaining time in a game by maintaining possession of the puck for as long possible. The team is notorious for ragging the puck whenever they take the lead.
2. By extension, to stall, postpone, or otherwise cause a delay by deliberately engaging in time-wasting activities. Primarily heard in Canada. Activist groups are claiming that the government has ragged the puck in relation to legislation that would better protect the environment. Quit ragging the puck, John, and make a decision already!
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ice the puck

In ice hockey, to commit an icing, a minor infraction that occurs when the puck is advanced from behind one's own team's red line to beyond the other team's goal line without being touched by the other team. Come on, man, how could you ice the puck at a crucial time in the game like this?
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puck bunny

1. slang A female ice-hockey fan, especially one whose focus is primarily on the attractiveness of male players or on displaying their own physical attractiveness for others to see. I'm on a forum where me and other puck bunnies share our stories of players we've managed to hook up with. There's a whole section devoted to pictures of puck bunnies posed seductively in a player's jersey or with a team's banner on display.
2. slang A female ice-hockey player, especially one who is considered especially attractive. I think all women who play hockey professionally are hot just by virtue of what they do for a living, but there are some who stand out from the rest as true puck bunnies.
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and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!

puck bunny

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Puck is more suitable for replacing MR16 because of its parallel technology, and current puck is ready to taking order, said Jerry Yeh.
The Kings' Jeremy Roenick, left, battles for the puck with Washington's Ivan Majesky in first period.
Being able to guide and control the puck close to the stick is essential for successful play," said Charles Simms, a veteran octopush player currently with the Ipswich (England) Octopush Club.
To improve the puck handling, and hopefully spur wider interest in the sport, Simms enlisted the help of Bayer MaterialScience to design a new version of the puck.
The puck is heated to a point just above PETs glass-transition temperature.
A combination radio-frequency (RF) and convection oven will keep the puck hot as it travels down a conveyor to the blowing unit.
When he went down to fetch it, the puck sailed over his shoulder for the game-winning goal.
Very active and likes to handle the puck but sometimes gets into trouble.
Heinze threw the puck to the front of the net from near the boards, and Belanger tipped the puck but couldn't get a solid shot on goal.
Twenty-six seconds later, Mattias Timander closed his hand on a puck in the goal crease and was sent off for two minutes, giving the Kings a two-man advantage for 1 minute, 35 seconds.
Upon exiting the penalty box, Buchberger corralled the puck along the boards and broke out on a 2-on-1 break with Palffy.
1 second remaining by diving and chipping the puck into the net.
Only twice in the 1998-99 regular season had he failed to get a puck to the net.
Olczyk had a golden opportunity to score when he came up right wing on a breakaway midway through the second period, but the puck skidded just out of his reach and Vanbiesbrouck came out into the right circle, slid and knocked it away.
The always imaginative boys at Fox Sports (not to mention Fox promotions), well aware that they're messing with the minds of hockey traditionalists, debut a viewer-enhanced puck for Saturday's NHL All-Star Game telecast from Boston's FleetCenter.