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rag the puck

1. In ice hockey, to attempt to run out the remaining time in a game by maintaining possession of the puck for as long possible. The team is notorious for ragging the puck whenever they take the lead.
2. By extension, to stall, postpone, or otherwise cause a delay by deliberately engaging in time-wasting activities. Primarily heard in Canada. Activist groups are claiming that the government has ragged the puck in relation to legislation that would better protect the environment. Quit ragging the puck, John, and make a decision already!
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ice the puck

In ice hockey, to commit an icing, a minor infraction that occurs when the puck is advanced from behind one's own team's red line to beyond the other team's goal line without being touched by the other team. Come on, man, how could you ice the puck at a crucial time in the game like this?
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and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!

puck bunny

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A combination radio-frequency (RF) and convection oven will keep the puck hot as it travels down a conveyor to the blowing unit.
This new product will reduce puck damage, improve labor efficiency, and increase flexibility on filling lines," according to Tom DiNardo, President of Simplimatic Automation.
Belanger stayed with the play, picked up the puck and skated behind the net.
Pucks have enabled companies to take advantage of innovative packaging designs for marketing their products, and with the Automated Puck Washer, they can continue to do this with a better, faster and more cost- effective process.
The Kings moved the puck around patiently for the first 50 seconds and had a good chance when Ziggy Palffy got off a clean shot from the front of the net, but Tugnutt deflected the puck into the stands.
Gaudiani, chairman of Advantage Puck Technologies and managing partner of Danville Partners, LLC, the company began investigating noise-absorbing technology after in-depth discussions with customers.
Mathieu Schneider picked up a loose puck in the left circle and beat Potvin to the glove side at the 7:05 mark of the second period, but the puck glanced off the post and ricocheted away harmlessly.
I was shocked when the puck actually slid through the small space in front of the goal.
Photo: Anaheim's Tony Hrkac and Brett Hull of the Stars battle for the puck in the Mighty Ducks' 3-1 victory.
The acquired assets of Advantage Puck offer excellent growth prospects as well as great synergies with the machinery and equipment offerings at Simplimatic Automation," Gaudiani said.
Kariya feathered a pretty pass to Selanne, but the puck skipped off Selanne's stick and skittered off his right skate.
It surprised me how fast the puck took off,'' Olczyk said.
FrontAnD Technology Corporation has introduced sampling of RGB type LuxBar for under cabinet use and Puck for interior down light applications.
Might go down on one knee to make a stop, pucks known to squirt between his legs or under his arm.
The always imaginative boys at Fox Sports (not to mention Fox promotions), well aware that they're messing with the minds of hockey traditionalists, debut a viewer-enhanced puck for Saturday's NHL All-Star Game telecast from Boston's FleetCenter.