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To date, however, few studies have explored grounded insights to understand the potential constraints publicness imposes on organizations.
Most of my research participants would agree with Mitchell; they all however perceived public space in ways that are indicative of the difficulties faced by a diverse society negotiating tensions between the status quo and inclusivity, and between publicness and privacy.
The size, the very publicness and, often, the controversy that surrounds public sculpture make some eyesores almost impossible to avoid.
At the state and local level, policing services are a good example; the consumption of an apple is an example of a good characterized by zero publicness.
For this part of the analysis, we draw on Bozeman (2007), who created the concept publicness to more accurately categorize public and private organizations.
17) According to Kingsbury, the norms and practices of global administrative law satisfy the requirements of "publicness" even if they have not been authorized or delegated by states, (18) and Kingsbury sets out an indicative list of principles that gives specific content to this general idea of publicness, in much the same way that Fuller sets out a set of indicia that give specific content to his idea of the rule of law.
Gay Hawkins' article, 'Enacting Public Value on the ABC's Q&A: From Normative to Performative Approaches', investigates how one particular and enduring public service value--that of 'the public', publicness or public interest--is enacted on the high-rating ABC program Q&A.
von Bogdany, Armin, Philipp Dann and Matthias Goldmann (2008), "Developing the Publicness of Public International Law: Towards a Legal Framework for Global Governance Activities" in: German Law Journal, Special Issue: Public Authority and International Institutions, Vol.
Although a longer analysis of public and publicness is beyond the scope of this article, I suggest that not only do particular forms of student work have value in the public space but the work itself comes to constitute a public space.
audible speech of publicness, taking the they-self out into its
Publicidade ou Esfera Publica: por entre Offentlichtkeit, public sphere, publicity e publicness
I therefore argue below that we must revise our understanding of The Greatest Performance and, through it, our understanding of the publicness of testimonio.
He covers Being and Time as a new departure; the initial version of the dynamic and the turn to authenticity; Introduction to Metaphysics from publicness to gestell; gestell and the dynamic of co-disclosure; and Heidegger and the continual re-turn as a tale of two letters, interviews, and essays.
Transparency Mechanisms: Building Publicness into Public Services', Journal of Law and Society, Vol.