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Courts have considered the publicness of institutions in determining whether their decisions should be reviewable.
Insofar as the constitutional structures of the sovereign state seek explicitly to achieve the task of increasing the stability, clarity, and recognition of roles and responsibilities within the overarching territorial political structure, a sovereign structure of public power is likely in general to embody the institutional properties of publicness to a higher degree than a non-constitutionalized pluralist structure of public power.
Fraser argues that Habermas ignores the counterpublic spheres, those sites of publicness that are alternative to and challenging of the bourgeois exclusivity of his ideal.
The publicness of local public goods: Evidence from Ontario municipalities.
13) This new contribution proposed a broader definition, which integrated three elements--the so-called "triangle of publicness": (1) publicness in consumption, which implies that individuals and groups must have access to the good; (2) publicness in the distribution of benefits, which implies a fair and meaningful deal for all; (3) publicness of decisionmaking, which implies an involvement of all major actors and stakeholders, including developing countries and nonstate actors.
In public management, for example, Haque (2001) argues that the market-driven mode of governance has created a serious challenge to the publicness or public quality of public service.
Is not Da-sein, as thrown being-in-the-world, initially thrown into the publicness of the they And what else does this publicness mean than the specific disclosedness of the they?
His Shri Krishna Janma (Birth of Shri Krishna, 1918) is illustrative of the kind of publicness that early Indian filmmakers sought for the cinema.
In addition to its rich ritualistic and symbolical dimension, Ackroyd glorifies Catholic tradition for the communal feeling and publicness of faith that it cultivates.
17) I have discussed this scene and the ultimate publicness of Hamlet's revenge in "Anti-Theatricalism and Revolutionary Desire in Hamlet (Or, the Play Without the Play).
This view implies a broader conception of public space than a formal legal one that looks at ownership as the defining criteria for publicness.
It's a very important heritage, and the notion that we abandon that at a time when the publicness of higher education ought to be even more important is really unthinkable.
While taxation did not guarantee adequate support, it nevertheless added another element of publicness (as well as of stability) into the financing of education in a sense consistent with our modern understanding of governmental support being public.
Deja-Vu and Publicness is at the ICA, The Mall, London SW1, until 16 March 2003, for info go to www.
This wider consideration may also help us to define less monolithically the ideological force of such concepts as poetic authority, publicness, and female respectability that have been held so harmful to working women's literary expression.