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The sale of The Loop and the sudden demise of his morning show was still too raw and too upsetting even for a notorious publicity hound like Muller.
But the contradictions that characterize Roque's checkered career - human rights and international law specialist, often accused of being a publicity hound, who took a courageous stand against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, was primary supporter of Vice President Jejomar Binay's presidential candidacy, became a fake minority leader supportive of President Duterte - also define his first statements and remarks as spokesperson-designate.
Moore, a publicity hound who has been appearing in the media attacking same-sex marriage, technically recused himself from the decision - but his fingerprints are all over it.
Forever the publicity hound, Paris was in the news recently for publicly making out with pop star Miley Cyrus in front of the latter's boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger last Thursday.
It's currently chaired by California Representative Darrell Issa, an inveterate publicity hound who has focused his efforts on Fox News-friendly topics like Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service without much to show for it.
And then there is the perennial publicity hound Simcha Jacobovici (TV's The Naked Archaeologist), who, along with James Cameron (whenever the latter is not tied up making bad movies about blue people or sinking boats), spends a lot of his time looking for the lost tomb of Jesus.
It quoted the editorial in an English language newspaper that described Ijaz as a publicity hound with a healthy sense of self-regard, adding: As a US citizen, Mr.
If it was not so risible, whoever dreamt up this extravaganza is a publicity hound, because it was circulated as a news release to the media.
It's an odd hero-to-zero reversal: from the most sainted of journalistic types, the in-depth reporter, to one of society's most despised bottom feeders, the publicity hound.
Whatever labels stick to him, publicity hound, philanthropist, tireless self-promoter, arts patron, literary outsider, compulsive page filler of Dickensian passions, one fact is undeniable: this writer commands attention.
But now, sadly, I believe it's been turned into a bandwagon - with every politician and publicity hound hopping aboard.
The lure of shopping for vintage rock 'n' roll tees, Levis, cowboy boots and the WCAGA vintage-inspired line at Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione's new digs at Space15Twenty drew a very obviously pregnant Nicole Richie to Ivar and Sunset, "Dancing With the Stars" pro Lacey Schwimmer and publicity hound Lisa Rinna, along with pink-haired punks and prim ladies.
In his desperation to come across as a nice guy rather than a publicity hound, we're entitled to ask this question about a man providing pop stars with a private jet in exchange for PR - where was he for John Denver's last world tour?
Thus, it was difficult for the embedded journalists not to recognize the pot calling the kettle black when these same cabinet ministers decried Coderre as a publicity hound.
In actuality, we gradually learn, he could be a violent, mood-swinging disciplinarian and publicity hound whose notions of loyalty were better suited to military than family life.