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clear (something) for publication

To confirm that something is ready to be published; to approve for publication. We need to clear this story for publication as soon as possible so we get it out there before any of our competitors.
See also: clear, publication

not for publication

Not to be shared, spread around, or talked about with anyone else. Look, this isn't for publication, but I heard there's going to be a round of layoffs next month. Jen and David are getting a divorce! No one else knows yet, so that isn't for publication.
See also: not, publication

clear something for publication

to approve the release of something so it can be published. The government refused to clear the story for publication. I want to clear this for publication as soon as possible.
See also: clear, publication

not for publication

not to be talked about openly; secret. Please tell no one about this. It's not for publication. This report is not for publication, so keep it to yourself.
See also: not, publication
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The fundamental issue with redundant publication is that it violates the trust placed by readers of a journal that content is original unless there is a clear statement to the contrary.
picked the "Media Business 100" to reflect the events, people and publications that have shaped the industry.
In a 1931 case, for instance, it said, hypothetically, that "the publication of the sailing dates of [troop] transports or the number and location of troops" could be restrained.
The general themes from what has been written are to follow the guidelines for publication provided by the publisher, usually printed on the inside cover of the journal issue, and to adhere to the writing style guidelines, usually the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), currently the fifth edition (APA, 2001).
Finally, submission prior to publication will make it easier for referees to access the data confidentially, facilitating the review and publication process.
The law enforcement community in general and training centers specializing in law enforcement use the LEOKA publication as a tool to develop training initiatives that support officer safety.
The Bulletin will continue to include topical research articles and summaries of Board survey findings, the Board's semiannual Monetary Policy Reports, a Legal Developments section, and other features such as lists of staff members, councils, committees, lists of Federal Reserve publications, and maps of the Federal Reserve Districts.
And at rock bottom, this book, which is supposed to be a yarn about a publications rise and fall, is really about one man's disappointment that this thing he loved so much turned out so poorly.
The four subsidiary corporations each held a mix of publications that didn't go together very logically.
The magazine's circulation will be global, making it the only monthly paper industry publication to have significant circulation to the worldwide paper industries.
These BNA journalists, part of a worldwide staff of 1,657, fill some 200 high-priced publications with thousands of pages of "just the facts" copy, all chronicling, in great detail, what federal, state, and international bureaucracies are up to.
In order to familiarize all members of the rehabilitation community with RSA procedures for conducting the IRI, it may be useful to review the history of IRI, the support organizations, the organizational structure, and the process from topic selection to dissemination of the IRI publication.
The book is divided into five chapters, three on what Marotti calls "the manuscript system" and two on the print publication of lyrics.
Until approximately twenty years ago, scholarly journal publication was handled primarily by scholarly societies whose interests were coextensive with those of faculty authors.