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pub crawl

A tour of local pubs or bars, usually with the purpose of having one or more drinks at each along the way. We're going on a literary pub crawl tonight to visit all the pubs the city's famous authors used to frequent. That's the last time I do a pub crawl; my body just can't handle that much booze anymore!
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a ˈpub crawl

(British English, informal) a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking in each one: We went on a pub crawl last night.
See also: crawl, pub
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The judges noted how the whole pub is dedicated to sports with seven big screens able to show three events simultaneously, a huge range of channels and a pool table, darts boards and multiple pub teams.
The Pubs Code will help ensure fair dealing for tied tenants while minimising as far as possible burdens on business.
A well-run pub which engages with its surrounding community - whether that is via charity events, family fun days, live music or quizzes - will not only help to remain popular and profitable, it will also be viewed as something of real value to locals".
Pub companies have a lot of power to buy beer cheaply from brewers because they've got thousands of pubs.
He added: "The pub companies have been able to abuse their position and squeeze pubs till they close.
Our exceptional staff and high food quality further complements the overall authentic Irish pub experience," said Wallace.
After many weeks of searching I nally found a new mini pub in Stockton one Saturday night.
More needs to be done to support pubs, there needs to be changes in VAT and alcohol duty to favour pubs ahead of supermarkets so it bcomes more affordable to go to the pub.
It would mean that managers of pubs tied to large pub companies will be able to demand new deals allowing them to pay rent at market rates and buy drink from any supplier.
The pub now joins 15 other top regional British pubs in contention for Camra's UK pub of the year award, which will be announced next February.
North Shields' e Staith House - formerly e Dolphin - is up for the Best Turnaround Pub prize after being taken over by MasterChef: e Professionals "nalist John Calton.
We like to announce the winners in Community Pubs Month to highlight the best pubs Britain has to offer to help raise the pro-file of pub-going.
The Conway has been in the Michelin Pub Guide for the last few years, and it takes a huge amount of hard work to retain our place.
Susan Young, publisher of The Dram, the licensed trade magazine, said the pub industry was delighted to get the public's support.
Dr Julian Huppert, the MP for Cambridge, has presented a bill to prevent the demolition or change of use of a pub or local independent shop without planning permission.