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and ptomaine-palace (ˈtoˈmen...)
n. any institutional dining facility; a mess hall; a cafeteria. Welcome to the ptomaine-domain. Help yourself to some mystery meat. Time to go over to the ptomaine-palace and eat—if you can call it that.


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The doctors he fervently believes in are as incompetent at medicine as he is at fiction: they attribute a case of lockjaw to ptomaine poisoning, for example.
Gilbert Gottfried: If it walks like an Aflac duck and incessantly quacks like an Aflac duck and eats pieces of dried bread crumbs left in the park by vagrants and will soon get ptomaine poisoning like an Aflac duck, then it's a New England victory.
In 1936, when "the new Bessie Smith," with a more popular repertoire and a "more elegant look," was asked to step in for Billie Holiday, who had contracted ptomaine poisoning.
Being in town, I warily went along to the Colorado Ballet's production of The Nutcracker, a ballet I normally prefer only slightly to ptomaine poisoning.
He died of ptomaine poisoning contracted from tainted Japanese crabmeat.
She herself seldom bought it, and never in hot weather for fear of ptomaine.
What Paul did pick up at the Grand Vefour, according to Fitch, was ptomaine poisoning.
Both extremes were recorded when he circled the globe in 1903 and 1904; ptomaine poisoning in Russia caused his diminution.