pry off

pry something off (of) something

 and pry something off
to use a lever to get something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Tom pried the top off the jelly jar. He pried off the jar top.
See also: off, pry
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The gum will become very brittle and should be easier to pry off the surface with a putty knife or scraper.
Owsley said that there were numerous chops and cuts - chops to the forehead, chops to the back of the skull and also a puncture to the left side of the head that was used to essentially pry off that side and the purpose was to extract the brain.
Ross would pry off the stones from stolen rings because Cormiers and some other businesses refused to buy jewelry with stones.
The 3D model powerfully communicates the architect's vision for the finished home before we pry off the first clapboard," said Dan Quaile, the architect for the This Old House Bedford Project.
Pry off the dust cover or Bearing Buddy over the axle.
Some of you are taking a screwdriver or anything sharp that's handy to pry off the battery pack.
According to a report by the Bombo Radyo Iloilo, Delgado was able to pry off a portion of the shutters separating the men's shower room and gain access to the female portion of the communal bathroom.
Then use a flat spackling tool to gently pry off the tile as the glue spots melt and the tile then comes off of the board entirely.
Both male and female mastodons probably used their tusks to pry off branches and push over small trees as they ate leaves and twigs.
What piece of the Sports Arena will you pry off and take home as a souvenir after today's USC basketball game?
black handled chrome shafted version can open containers, pry off hubcaps, remove hinges, reduce pesky AR15 stoppages, open boxes or impale home invaders as required.
According to the Miami Herald, "An examination of Romeo's [sic] cell in the city jail failed to show any marks of an instrument having been used to pry off the lock," although the Lake City Reporter reported that the sheriff had found a "heavy iron pipe," and a "twisted and bent lock.
I put the screwdriver between the lid and the skin and tried to pry off the lid.
The men, both 22, were caught on Sunday trying to pry off one of the thousands of haletre square metal sheets that cover the museum's shimmering facade and have made it an object of admiration by architectural critics, police said.
The brown-headed nuthatch in the United States detaches pieces of bark and uses them to pry off other bark.