prune off

prune something off (of) something

 and prune something off
to cut something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Claire pruned the dead branch off the apple tree. She pruned off the dead branch.
See also: off, prune
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After the first flush of flowers in early summer, prune off the old flowers to strong buds immediately below the old bloom, to encourage a second flush of flowers later in the summer.
Each year you can not only decorate the tree with outdoor lights, but also prune off sprigs and branches to decorate inside, bringing indoors the fragrance of Christmas.
Her research had shown that when babies try to move but do not get the desired effect, their brains prune off that particular motor pathway, leaving them forever disabled.
Make sure you prune off any extended branches BEFORE moving to prevent damage.
Lift these and similar cold-tender tropical perennials, prune off the dying and dead foliage, dry their roots in the sun, shake off the soil clinging to their roots and place them in a frost-free location in the attic or cellar.
After fruiting prune off all the leaves from your Pineberries; it might seem drastic but it'll help them fruit next season.
Prune off the spent tip, but harvest the summer crop before removing the cane.
For plants that do get nipped, wait until March to prune off damaged stems no matter how unsightly they look, because the dead foliage will provide insulation against future damage.
We prune off most of the misshapen fruit early - the knobbly ones are very difficult to pick.
Try using them along the edges of a flowerbed or naturalised beneath a small tree or large shrub (carefully prune off a couple of the lower most shrub branches to create extra space).
You'll need to prune off affected shoots, pick up and destroy windfalls.
Prune off damaged or broken branches at the branch bark collar, which is the slightly larger portion of the branch where it connects to the trunk.
That's mostly a matter of training: As the tree grows, prune off the lowest branches until those that remain are high enough to walk under.
Then take your tomato transplant and prune off the lower leaves.
Prune off any affected branches during dry weather in the summer and coat the cut with a product such as Arbrex.