provide against

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provide against (something)

To implement measures that prepare for, deal with, or prevent something that will or may happen in the future. I know you don't want to pay the extra costs, but having a life insurance policy is the only way to provide against financial troubles for your family should you die. We've included a clause that provides against the consumer using the product for illegitimate purposes.
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provide against something

to plan against something happening. Have you provided against the possible collapse of the agreement? We have not provided against financial disaster.
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provide against

To take measures to deal with or prevent some unforeseen occurrence: Our homeowner's insurance provides against damage from flooding.
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Unreasonable accumulations are evidenced by loans to shareholders or using corporate funds for shareholders' personal benefit; loans having no reasonable relation to the business, especially if made to shareholders' relatives, friends or related corporations; investments that are unrelated to the corporation's business; or the retention of earnings to provide against unrealistic hazards.
In addition to a 10-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter), the chip also includes inductive protection diodes--components that typically consume large amounts of board space and reduce system reliability, but are advantageous for their the protection they provide against voltage spikes.
Assignor assigns and the Contractor shall provide against the obligation of the Employer to pay the Contractor respective prices of electronic communications services - fixed telephony POTS.
Summary: DUBAI - UAE banks that are owed money by two cash-strapped Saudi business groups have begun debt-restructuring talks with the borrowers and were awaiting advice from the UAE Central Bank about how much money to provide against potential losses, bankers said on Thursday.
We have set aside a special line of civvy suits of British manufacture for home wear for those anxious to provide against the enormous prices now prevailing in the old country.
To provide against the danger of erroneous accusation," one commentator said in 1861, "the law humanely presumes that every newborn child has been born dead, until the contrary appears from medical or other evidence.
The Japan Coast Guard and police jointly held a drill on Hakata Bay in Fukuoka Prefecture on Friday to provide against possibly disruptive protests at next month's meeting of top financial officials from the Group of Seven (G-7) countries.
1 ISV Edition, we are able to offer customers a business context to the protection we provide against known and unknown attacks.
The credit quality rating assigned to a fund addresses the level of protection its portfolio holdings provide against losses from credit defaults.
Given the need to provide against this exposure, and the potential that the allegations of fraud may affect the bank, shareholders may face a difficult decision as to further support for the bank.
The triple-'Af' rating reflects the extremely strong protection the fund's portfolio investments provide against losses from credit defaults.
Standard & Poor's credit quality rating addresses the level of protection the fund's portfolio holdings provide against losses from credit defaults.
Firestone") and Ford Motor Company on behalf of consumers in Florida who purchased replacement tires to provide against possible injury from defects in Firestone's ATX, ATX II and Wilderness AT tires.
Some regulatory authorities around the world are particularly interested in seeing growth in electronic detonator systems because of the enhanced security they provide against their unlawful use.