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protest about someone or something

 and protest against someone or something 
1. to complain about someone or something. Valerie is always protesting about some problem at work. She filed a complaint that protested against her supervisor.
2. to rally or demonstrate against someone or something. A number of people protested about the war. They were mainly protesting against the draft.
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ripple of protest

quiet remarks protesting something; a small amount of subdued protest. There was only a ripple of protest about the new tax law. The rude comedian hardly drew a ripple of protest.
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protest too much

to say something so often that people doubt you are sincere He constantly denies that the book is based on his boss, but does he protest too much?
Etymology: based on “Methinks the lady doth protest too much,” a line from the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
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protest too much

if someone protests too much, they tell you more often than is necessary what they feel about a situation so that you start to doubt they are sincere
Usage notes: This phrase comes from Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
He constantly denies there is any autobiographical input in his novels, but does he protest too much?
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An Associated Press reporter at the scene said police and troops chased the protesters out of most of the square as the sun was about to set over the city.
The protesters are demanding that the military quickly announce a date for the handover of power to a civilian government.
The protesters had set up camp in Zuccotti Park on Sept.
The mayor had put the protesters on notice Thursday that they would be evicted "on or after" 12:01 a.
It is to note that student protesters began agitating for the downfall of the Saleh regime as of the 3rd of February with tens of thousands of students and bloggers vowing to go ahead with their uprising up till the toppling of the regime.
1 -- 3) anti-Israel war protesters carrying a mock war victim, above, march through downtown Los Angeles to the Federal Building on Saturday for a rally.
As it does with tax protester theories and tax fraud schemes, the Internet also makes the truth about these issues more easily available.
Over the last several months Interfor employees have demonstrated a standard of absolute non-confrontation in their encounters with protesters.
The 20-year-old Bahraini protester, identified as Mahmoud Issa al-Jaziri, was hit in the head on February 14 after security forces attacked anti-regime demonstrators in Nabi Saleh, south of Manama, as they were marking the second anniversary of the uprising.
SANA'A, Oct 26 -- Yemen's security forces used an unknown substance, mixed with water, to disperse protesters in Sana'a on Tuesday morning.
We have a single demand: The marshal must step down and be replaced by a civilian council," said protester Ahmed Hani.
Mahmoud Said, a doctor at the nearby Munira hospital, said the bodies of two men were brought to the hospital, while Mohammed Qenawy, a doctor at one of two field hospitals in the square, said a male protester in his early 20s also was killed.
A few hours later, another protester was shot dead in a nearby street.
Another protester, Heather, indicated after the court case yesterday the occupation at Brecon might not be over.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Security forces detained a group of protesters, who are believed to be members of the Revolutionary Party (DP), after they raided NTV's Ankara headquarters on Thursday.