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in prospect

In sight; as a possibility. I hope this job interview goes well, but, if not, at least I've got a few more in prospect. Folks, I wanted to let you know that we have an exciting new client in prospect—I'll be sure to give you more details once everything is finalized.
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prospect for (something)

1. To carry out an exploration for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. We've been prospecting for gold in these mountains for months, but we've come away with little more than a few flecks. Thousands of people rushed to the area to begin prospecting for natural shale gas.
2. To explore a particular region for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prospect" and "for." The company has begun prospecting an area a few miles off the coastline for oil. I'm prospecting this part of the mountain for cobalt.
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prospect for something

to search for something, especially for metals or minerals. The old men said they were prospecting for gold. What are they prospecting for out in the desert?
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Further, do the prospects have a history of giving that would reflect what is important to the organization?
While it's a sound plan, the firm needs to know how best to identify new prospects and convince them to become clients.
Don't assume your prospects are business people who can afford to call on their own dime.
Dan Gooder Richard, president of Gooder Group, said "One of the most significant discoveries from the study is the fact that 74 percent of the prospects were not working with agents, and 65 percent had not pre-qualified for a loan.
Rather, have your sales people positioned throughout the exhibit so they can spend the majority of their time with prospects, not with other employees from your company.
What's the best way to draw the prospect into your sales letter?
The salesperson can acquire a list of local entities that fit the firm's target client profile, evaluate whether the prospective clients meet the criteria, market the firm through direct contacts and cold-calls and build rapport with potential candidates until the prospects meet with firm partners.
Some prospects or principals try to carve out of their exclusive agreements transactions that they might procure themselves.
SIC Codes are a valuable marketing tool for foundries, since their careful use can dramatically reduce the cost of direct mail promotion and allow you to more accurately identify prime prospects.
The Prospects will leave Wednesday for Minneapolis and will start their quest for the national title Saturday.