prospect for

prospect for (something)

1. To carry out an exploration for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. We've been prospecting for gold in these mountains for months, but we've come away with little more than a few flecks. Thousands of people rushed to the area to begin prospecting for natural shale gas.
2. To explore a particular region for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prospect" and "for." The company has begun prospecting an area a few miles off the coastline for oil. I'm prospecting this part of the mountain for cobalt.
See also: prospect

prospect for something

to search for something, especially for metals or minerals. The old men said they were prospecting for gold. What are they prospecting for out in the desert?
See also: prospect
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At its April 12 meeting, the Antelope Valley Hospital board discussed leasing or donating the land the hospital owns to the city of Palmdale and Prospect for a hospital.
5% interest and has the option to participate in drilling each prospect for all, or a portion, of its interest.
If the company elects to participate in each prospect for its maximum interest, its share of the estimated total cost will be about $6,000,000.
That's powerful," said Moore, "and, potentially, ESP(TM) for Outlook allows them know the availability level of their prospect for contact and follow-up.
If those calculations and interpretations are correct, then we could be drilling on the Green Ranch Prospect for many years to come considering that the prospect is currently sized at 4,131 acres.
A Platexco Limited subsidiary is a party to a notarial prospecting and option contract (the "Contract") pursuant to which it has been granted the right to prospect for, among other things, platinum on a property of approximately 1,700 hectares (the "Property") located approximately 240 kilometres north east of Pretoria.