propose to

propose something to someone

to suggest something to someone. I have an idea I would like to propose to you. Sam wanted to propose a new plan to Sarah.
See also: propose

propose to someone

to suggest marriage to someone, usually a male to a female. Guess who proposed to me last night? Do you think that Sam will propose to Mary?
See also: propose
References in classic literature ?
Since then we propose to inquire what civil society is of all others best for those who have it in their power to live entirely as they wish, it is necessary to examine into the polity of those states which are allowed to be well governed; and if there should be any others which some persons have described, and which appear properly regulated, to note what is right and useful in them; and when we point out wherein they have failed, let not this be imputed to an affectation of wisdom, for it is because there are great defects in all those which are already 'established, that I have been induced to undertake this work.
I propose to tell you--in the first place--what is known of the manner in which your cousin met his death; appending to the statement such inferences and conclusions as we are justified (according to my opinion) in drawing from the facts.
I shall surprise our friend Maston, then, by stigmatizing his calculations as timid; and I propose to double his 800,000 pounds of powder.
Applicants may propose to define critical components in the signature, to confirm that the selected components continue to provide the desired clinical information and to develop robust assays for measuring those components.
Applicants may propose to evaluate signatures the have previously been identified using analytical technologies such as, but not limited to, gene expression microarrays, SAGE, multiplex PCR or any of a large number of protein analysis technologies.
First Trust is concerned that in the event the Dissident is successful in defeating the proposed reorganization of FVI and in electing his proposed slate, the new board of trustees will eventually propose to combine FVI with one of the Cornerstone Funds, which First Trust strongly believes would not be in the best interests of FVI and its shareholders.
Applicants may propose to obtain tissues from a previous collection or prospectively, as long as the specific alms proposed can be accomplished within the period of the grant award.
Nokia Board of Directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting on March 25, 2004, that a dividend of EUR 0.
Nokia Board of Directors will propose to increase the share capital of The Foundation of Nokia Corporation by EUR 5 million to be used for the purpose of the Foundation to support the scientific development of the information and telecommunications technologies and to promote education in the sector.
The Board of Directors of Nokia will propose to the Annual General Meeting to be held on March 22, 2000 some amendments to the Articles of Association.
The Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting that the authorization to increase the share capital by a maximum of 28,8 million euros given by the Annual General Meeting held on March 17, 1999 be renewed.