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of biblical proportions

Of a huge or catastrophic size, magnitude, or severity. The typhoon laid waste to the coast of Japan, causing damage of biblical proportions. An evacuation of biblical proportions has been underway since the civil war began.
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blown (all) out of proportion

Exaggerated or magnified beyond the true scale or truth of the matter. It was just a minor tremor, not even a proper earthquake, but the media has it blown all out of proportion. These reports on the crime rate are blown out of proportion, if you ask me.
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blow (something) up out of proportion

To indicate, imply, or argue that something is more important or consequential than it really is; to overinflate the importance of something. Don't blow this up out of proportion, Bill—I was late due to traffic, and that's it. It's just a small inconvenience, don't blow it up out of proportion and make it sound like the end of the world.
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blow (something) out of (all) proportion

To make something seem more important, negative, or significant than it really is; to exaggerate something or focus unncessary attention on something. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by that comment—don't blow it out of proportion. Of course she's mad at me because I didn't call her back—you can always count on my mom to blow something out of all proportion!
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disaster of epic proportions

Cliché a very large disaster. (Often jocular.) The earthquake was responsible for a disaster of epic proportions. Your late arrival caused a disaster of epic proportions.
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in proportion

showing the correct size or proportion relative to something else. That man's large head is not in proportion to his small body. The cartoonist drew the dog in proportion to its surroundings.
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*out of (all) proportion

of exaggerated importance; of an unrealistic importance or size compared to something else. (*Typically: be ~; blow something ~; grow ~.) Thisproblem has grown out of all proportion. Yes, this figure is way out of proportion to the others in the painting.
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blow something out of (all) proportion

to make something seem more important than it actually is I thought the picture of him wearing a dress was pretty funny, but the local newspapers blew it out of all proportion.
Usage notes: often used with other adverbs to make a stronger statement: This case has been blown totally out of proportion. She blew the figures way out of proportion.
Related vocabulary: make a mountain out of a molehill
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blow something out of (all) proportion

to behave as if something that has happened is much worse than it really is They had a minor argument in a restaurant but the press have blown it out of all proportion, speculating about divorce.
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out of proportion

Also, out of all proportion. Not in proper relation to other things, especially by being the wrong size or amount. For example, This vase looks out of proportion on this small table, or Her emotional response was out of all proportion to the circumstances. The noun proportion means "an agreeable or harmonious relationship of one thing relative to another." [Early 1700s] The antonym in proportion dates from the late 1600s and also refers either to physical size or appropriate degree, as in The bird's wings are huge in proportion to its body, or Her willingness to believe him stands in direct proportion to her love for intrigue.
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blow out of proportion

To make more of than is reasonable; exaggerate.
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Future resource additions will consist of a proportionable mix of new construction, demand side management and purchased power.
Then, either proportionable or excess coverage for the captive is negotiated with a reinsurer.
84v/ to the institution of property de facto, there might be, and was sufficient for all acording to the exigence of their condition (l) (as there was of the Manna that fell among the Israelites) it is against Natural Justice, that he that might have & had enough proportionable to his state & condition should wholly exclude another from all which had at (m) least an equall right to so much as answer'd his condition;
A] proportionable punishment of that crime can scarce by our
Th e ravages in Philadelphia have been proportionable alarming.
Proportionable note of what he was, 315 Than that he was so constant to his friends