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good and proper

if someone does something good and proper, they do it completely and with a lot of force He warned me off good and proper after I kissed his girlfriend.
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prim and proper

someone who is prim and proper behaves in a very formal and correct way and is easily shocked by anything rude I can't quite imagine Ellen drinking pints of beer - she's very prim and proper.
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good/right and proper

socially and morally acceptable There is a long-held assumption that motherhood is the right and proper path for a woman to take.
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These two proper items have achieved a degree of popularity in some parishes with strong choral leadership.
The second is the great range of options or substitutions provided for nearly all of the major parts of the rite (both the Proper and the Ordinary of the Mass) that are articulated in the rubrics in LBW and the rubrics and comments in the Ministers Desk Edition as well as the explanatory material in the Manual on the Liturgy.