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prop up the bar

To spend a large amount of time drinking at a pub or pubs in general. Primarily heard in UK. My father spent most of my childhood propping up the bar, so forgive me if I am not overly enthusiastic about social drinking. John's down at the local, propping up the bar with his mates from work.
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prop someone or something up (against someone or something)

to stand or lean someone or something against someone or something. He was so tired I had to prop him up against the wall while I looked for the door key. I propped up the man against the wall. I propped the mop up against the wall.
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prop up the bar

spend a considerable time drinking in a pub. informal
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ˌprop up the ˈbar

(informal, disapproving) spend a lot of time drinking in a pub or a bar: ‘Where’s Paul?’ ‘Propping up the bar in the King’s Head, as usual.’
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prop up

1. To support something with or as if with a prop: I propped up the leg of my desk with some cardboard to keep it from wobbling. She sat down in the chair and propped her feet up on the table. He propped the ladder up against the wall and climbed up to the roof.
2. To provide temporary or partial support to something that is failing or needs assistance: Foreign investors propped up the currency by purchasing more government bonds. The company would go bankrupt if the government didn't prop it up with special tax breaks.
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