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prone to something

likely to [do] something; apt to have something. My boss is prone to anger when my work isn't done on schedule. My sister is prone to sneezing because of her allergies.
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Elsie is right, as almost all dictionaries say prone means lying face down, except Oxford Dictionaries, which allows the slightest room for manoeuvre, both in grammar and on the sofa.
In addition to these benefits for clinicians, the system's design aims to increase patient satisfaction through faster procedure times than Hologic's Multicare Platinum system, and comfortable prone positioning that eliminates a direct view of the biopsy needle.
In conjunction, the system is CE marked and the company has begun installing Affirm prone systems at leading imaging sites in Europe.
In order to make use of this unmodified cart, persons with SCI and pressure ulceration needed to be able to tolerate the prone position, be able to support themselves on their elbows, and be able to hold their head up while pushing the cart manually.
in This year, I got an opportunity to focus on three positions and prone because of the injury, so it could be a blessing in disguise.
These delays become apparent as early as 2 to 3 months of age and manifest as the inability of an infant to raise his or her head when placed in the prone position.
The arterial line transducer was maintained at the level of the heart in the supine and prone positions.
To their credit, the authors fully acknowledged that the major limitation of this project was the study design and the fact it was not a prospective randomized controlled trial (RCT) comparing supine and prone PCNL.
After injection of thallium-201 (20,TI) under resting conditions, redistribution SPECT imaging was twicely performed in each subject, in both the supine and prone positions, consecutively.
Prone positioning has been shown to have many advantages for prematurely born infants, however the preterm infant is at risk for postural abnormalities and there is a strong association between the prone sleep position and SIDS (4), with preterm infants accounting for 10% and 20% of SIDS cases (5) and there is increasing pressure to avoid the prone sleep position in all infants.
So, if we accept that proning is important for our toughest cases, when in the course of ARDS should the prone position be used?
Private sector strongly feels that reduction in import tariff on smuggle prone items is the only solution to discourage the smuggling under the garb of ATTA and they are also of the view that increased legal imports would compensate the fall in reduction in the rate of import tariff.
Having determined that the conventional wisdom by which the standing IAS lines up on average with T7 appeared to be in error, we decided to investigate another common belief by which the prone position of the IAS would line up with the SP of T6.
In spinal surgery, the prone position in particular has been discussed in association with mono- or bioccular blindness.