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bring (someone or something) into prominence

To cause someone or something to gain attention, recognition, or popularity. The recipient or thing can be named between "bring" and "into." A national ad campaign like this will really bring you into prominence as a model. His theories were only brought into prominence posthumously, after a family member discovered them.
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come into prominence

To gain recognition or fame. That artist didn't come into prominence until long after his death.
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bring someone or something into prominence

to cause someone or something to become famous or renowned. The award brought Mike into national prominence. The current national need for engineers brought our school into prominence. A terrible scandal brought Lily into prominence.
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come into prominence

to become notable; to become renowned. She first came into prominence during the late forties, when she starred in a few movies. Wally came into prominence when he won the state championship.
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gov/feature/goddard/2016/nasas-sdo-sees-unraveling-solar-prominence) video Wednesday of a solar prominence captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).
Prominences appear in many different forms, such as jets, plumes, loops, and hedgerows.
A notable arch prominence was on the NE limb on Sep 4 but was not present on Sep 5.
Solar prominences and filaments supply most of the material released in coronal mass ejections, vast eruptions from the Sun's atmosphere that can cause space weather and create geomagnetic storms on Earth.
The simulations may shed new light on how prominences arise, contort, and erupt, Bellan explains.
Besides prominences, spiculae are visible along the solar limb, appearing as tiny "hair" prominences particularly around the Sun's polar regions.
Near the coronal base, the increased magnetic heating counterbalances the extra cooling, but less heating occurs near the top, allowing enough gas to cool and condense into prominences.
On April 3 a flame prominence was notable on the NW limb and also a rough square shaped prominence hearth on the NE limb.
Until that day, none of the several hundred extended prominences photographed over nine years by Solar Max's coronagraph/polarimeter had been seen returning, says the instrument's chief experimenter, Arthur J.
The majority of prominences were small and unremarkable throughout the month.
Dangerous Sun "To obtain an idea of the violence of the forces acting on solar prominences, we may consider the prominence of November 19, 1928.
Prominences throughout December were not very active and many were faint and/or small.
Thus the entire solar disk isn't evenly illuminated, and prominences are visible on one side of the Sun while not on the other until the PST's tuning ring is turned to display that area properly.
An extensive prominence hearth consisting of 7 separate prominences extended around the SE limb on Oct 10.
If I can see solar prominences with the naked eye during a total eclipse, why do I need a hydrogen-alpha filter to see them at other times?