project on

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project something on (to) someone or something

 and project something upon someone or something
to show a picture, such as from a film, transparency, etc., onto something, such as a screen, wall, etc., or even onto a person. Henry projected the pictures onto the screen as he discussed each one. The teacher had to project the slides upon the wall.
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References in classic literature ?
Your wicked project upon her peace turns out a clever thought indeed.
It is also important that Afghanistan joins the TRACECA project upon the new initiative.
PESHAWAR -- Hazara Motorway project upon completion would have a very positive impact on the overall economic development of the country besides bolstering trade, commerce and housing sectors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Upon completion of the clinic, the team will donate all surgical equipment, lenses and other supplies to the Mount St John's Medical Centre; (5) Financing for the deep water harbor development project upon completion and approval of designs.
We at Schon Properties are positive that investors will be thankful for investing in the Dubai Lagoon project upon its completion, given its strategic location.
This will be followed by the evaluation of the corresponding financial offers, with a two-year timeframe specified for the execution of the project upon the announcement of a contract award.
He said the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs have implemented this project upon instructions two years ago and half of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, then Governor of Riyadh Region, and follow-up of late Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz, then his deputy.
Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf said his ministry implemented the project upon the king's directives to expand facilities for the millions of pilgrims who come from around the world for Umrah during the holy month.
The project upon completion is going to add 520,000 tons a year to our existing aluminium production capacity of 800,000 tons a year," Yousuf Bastaki, Vice President -- Projects at Emal, said at a news conference held to mark the record safe work hours of 25 million hours at the project without a single lost time incident.
The meeting also thoroughly discussed the feasibility of the project upon which the members presented a number of topics, issues and problems.
The availability of power and water through the project upon its successful completion will lead to overall economic development of Afghanistan's Western region and generate goodwill for India in Afghanistan.
Tunis Financial Harbour (TFH), the flagship project of the Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank Gulf Finance House (GFH), has signed a strategic partnership agreement with DEMTAS Group, a Turkish developer, to commence the infrastructure and construction work on the project upon receiving the final approvals from the Tunisian government.
Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi, Managing Director of TDIC, commented on the Fishermen's Marina project upon the completion of phase one: "We are very proud of this project as it highlights Abu Dhabi's rich seafaring history - a cherished part of our Emirati heritage.
Southern Iron's participatory interest in the Project upon the completion of Stage 1 will be 0%.
Philip Burian, the attorney for Cypress Point, told a jury at recent trial held in Scott County District Court that the $16 million is what the development company's owners felt they could make from the condo project upon its completion.
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