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prohibit someone from something

1. to prevent someone from doing something. The committee voted to prohibit people from leaving before the meeting was over. They prohibit anyone from being seated after the first act has started.
2. to keep someone out of some place. Our policy is to prohibit people from the beach area after dark. State law prohibits children from this dangerous area while the machines are running.

prohibit something from something

1. to prevent something from happening or from doing something. My mother prohibits me from going out with friends on school nights. Why do you want to prohibit the cars from traveling on this street during rush hour?
2. to keep something out of or away from something or some place. The law prohibited bicycles from the sidewalks. The city council prohibits unleashed dogs from the public parks.
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The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 already prohibits a broker-dealer (including a section 20 affiliate) from extending or arranging for credit to its customers during the underwriting period.
THE ADA PROHIBITS employment discrimination against those with disabilities who are qualified for a job with or without reasonable accommodation.
PROVIDED THAT nothing contained in this order shall prohibit AICPA from formulating, adopting, disseminating, and enforcing reasonable ethical guidelines governing the conduct of its members with respect to solicitation, advertising or trade names, including unsubstantiated representations, that AICPA reasonably believes would be false or deceptive within the meaning of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act;
The law prohibits ``any exclusive public mass transit guideway'' unless it's underground.
The policy also prohibits discrimination because of color, race, nationality or ethnicity, gender, religion, physical disabilities or mental disabilities.
Legislation also prohibits the operation of a personal watercraft at night.
The ACLJ suit challenges both the actions of the school officials and a school district policy that prohibits official recognition of religious club.
The dissent criticized this decision further, stating: "The majority reasons that the regulation does not expressly prohibit taxpayers from estimating shrinkage and that, therefore, estimates are permissible.
In an order issued last month, the FDA said that by April it will prohibit unapproved uses of cephalosporins in cattle, swine, chickens, and turkeys.
Nine of those 38 also prohibit the use of other electronic devices, such as computers, cameras or recording devices.
In 2003, for example, it ruled that states can prohibit cross burning, long a symbol of racial hatred, but only when it is meant as a true threat rather than as an abstract statement.
The CMP provisions of the Social Security Act prohibit payments by hospitals to physicians that may induce physicians to reduce or limit items or services furnished to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.
Part of the concept of the separation of church and state is the Founders' explicit command that government should not prohibit the free exercise of religion.
The bishops regard the most significant defect of the Act to be its "failure to prohibit .
In the Matter of a Notice to Prohibit Further Participation Against