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in progress

Under way; currently happening. When we arrived, the movie was already in progress, so we decided to wait for a later viewing. Negotiations to end the strike are in progress, with both sides hoping to reach a deal with the end of the week.
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progress to (something)

To reach a particular destination or outcome. We've finally progressed to the approval stage for our application. Fingers crossed! The homelessness problem has progressed to a nationwide emergency.
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progress toward (something)

To be in the process of reaching a particular destination, outcome, or goal. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) With the game progressing toward its conclusion, it seems like the reigning champions will walk away with another victory. The committee is progressing toward the end of its investigation.
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progress with (something)

To be in the process of doing something. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) How are you progressing with the report? He's having trouble progressing with his studies. Would you mind tutoring him?
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in progress

under way; happening; developing or moving right now. Don't enter the studio. There's a show in progress. We now return you to the regularly scheduled show in progress.
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progress to something

to reach all the way to something or some place. The crisis has progressed to its final stage. Things had progressed to a serious stage where nothing more could be done for him.
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progress toward something

to move partway toward some goal. Nancy is progressing toward her degree quite nicely. We are progressing toward the end of the project.
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progress with something

to continue to move toward something or completing something. I can't seem to progress with this project. How are you progressing with the building of your model ship?
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in progress

Going on, under way, happening, as in She's got another book in progress, or The game was already in progress when I tuned in. [c. 1600]
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a rake's progress

a progressive deterioration, especially through self-indulgence.
A rake is a fashionable or wealthy man with dissolute or promiscuous habits. A Rake's Progress was the title of a series of engravings by William Hogarth ( 1697–1764 ). They depicted the rake's life progressing from wealthy and privileged origins to debt, despair, and death on the gallows.
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in progress

Going on; under way: a work in progress.
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PROGRESS DBE Version 7 is scheduled for general availability for Microsoft Windows in September.
PASeries Reading and PASeries Mathematics meet the Center's Progress Monitoring Standards for alternate forms and adequate yearly progress (AYP) benchmarks, as well as the Center's Foundational Psychometric Standards for reliability and validity in student progress monitoring tools.
Corporations today rely on a number of different databases to run their businesses," said John Wark, vice president of marketing and development for Progress Software.
The Progress Apama platform monitors rapidly moving event streams, detects and analyzes important patterns, and performs action in response to these events in milliseconds.
Progress Sonic delivers the flexibility necessary to keep pace with constantly changing market requirements," said Gordon Van Huizen, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Division, Progress Software.
Dean Carmeris, vice president of product services at Progress Software said, "We have always been committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers.
Volvo chose the XDMS Dealer Management System from XPower Automotive Software, a Progress Application Partner.
Progress announced that its Progress Sonic ESB product ranked first in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) segment of Gartner Dataquest's latest report on the worldwide application integration and middleware (AIM) market.
PROGRESS Version 7 is a graphical cross-platform ADE based on the powerful PROGRESS Fourth Generation Language (4GL) with new capabilities that focus on the special needs of client/server environments.
By using the Progress Sonic ESB technology to integrate with Volvo's corporate systems in Sweden, our Belgian dealers can access vital systems for such things as new orders, replacement parts and diagnosis of maintenance issues.
Being chosen as a finalist with all of the great technology companies in Massachusetts is a reflection of the innovative work being done throughout Progress Software.
According to John Wark, Progress Software's vice president of marketing and development, the Stratus(R) family of computers are an important addition to the long list of PROGRESS-supported platforms.
Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), a supplier of leading technology to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, today announced that two Progress customers have been named in the prestigious "2006 InfoWorld CTO 25" in the June 2006 issue of InfoWorld.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) today announced the availability of Double Byte enabled (DBE) PROGRESS Version 6.
Progress Software offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, including Actional(R) SOA and Web service management, Apama(R) event-stream processing, DataDirect(R) data connectivity and mainframe integration, EasyAsk(R) natural language query, DataXtend(R) data integration, ObjectStore(R) object database, the Progress OpenEdge(R) business application platform and the Sonic ESB(R).
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