profit by

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profit by (something)

1. Literally, to make money from something. I promise, you'll profit by this business venture. There's stacks of bills in your future.
2. To learn from some experience. Well, as long as you profit by this error, then it's not so bad, right?
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profit by something

 and profit from something 
1. Lit. to gain money from something. You will surely profit by investing in this stock. I know I will profit from this investment.
2. Fig. to learn from something. I am sure you will profit by your unpleasant experience. Yes, I will profit from my failure.
See also: profit
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By looking at economic profit from an employee productivity and cost perspective, we are able to place a "value" on our most important asset in a people-intensive, service-oriented industry, like health care.
Adopting a multi-price mindset allows you to profit from each customer's unique product valuation.
The best way to unlock the profitable stock recommendations and market insights of Zacks Investment Research is through our free daily email newsletter; Profit from the Pros.