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professional student

1. Someone in the process of earning a "professional degree"—one in a field like medicine, law, or education, for instance. We have a stellar group of professional students joining our program this year.
2. slang One who continues to pursue education instead of employment. I'm starting to worry that my son just wants to be a professional student forever and will never get a job.
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professional victim

slang A derisive term for someone who claims to receive mistreatment from others, usually as a way to get attention. Boy, he's really the professional victim these days. What is he claiming I did to him this time?
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seek professional help

Euph. to get psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are seriously thinking of suicide, now is the time to seek professional help. His friends suggested that he seek professional help.
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In fact, Turkey has devised a comparatively successful strategy to manage professionally qualified Syrians.
While sovereign wealth funds have often maintained a stable share of professionally managed assets, we have found that private households demonstrate a long-term trend to increase their professionally managed assets," said BGC Middle East partner and managing director Dr Sven-Olaf Vathje.
And you can help the dental assistants in your practice to grow personally and professionally by cooperating in assuring their attendance at the (insert show name, dates and location).
These reforms--ranging from the Progressive movement's attack on party machines in the early 1900s to modern tax rules designed to keep civic organizations from participating in partisan activity, right through to the McCain-Feingold reforms currently awaiting their fate at the hands of the courts--have done little to revitalize American politics, and have done much to spur the growth of professionally managed advocacy groups while undercutting what few incentives there are to encourage "popular political mobilization, Skocpol would instead urge legislators to facilitate political Participation and entourage cross-class organizations to engage directly in politics--making politics a joy and not a dirty little secret.
Because encouragement to attend AA meetings achieves as much as the two professionally administered treatments under study, according to this view, free self-help groups for heavy drinkers may pack enough punch to justify abolishing insurance coverage for paid treatments.
an innovative online securities firm that pioneered the offering of portfolios to investors and owns a number of patents on the method, announced today the launch of the mFOLIO Program of professionally managed personal portfolio accounts for the retail investor.
They were thoughts echoed by Sunshine sales director, Barbara Russo, who said, "Judy's compassion and support, her positive energy and her strength touched my life both personally and professionally.
A professional scout, impressed with Lavarnway's baseball skills and potential to play professionally, told El Camino Real head coach Matt LaCour that Lavarnway should consider attending a school with a better baseball program if he is serious about making baseball a career.
She was working at an Omaha drugstore when she saw a newspaper article about the newly founded Omaha Academy of Ballet, the state's first nonprofit, professionally oriented school of dance.
The BBB also offers mediation under the supervision of a professionally trained mediator to help the customer and the business agree on a mutually beneficial remedy.
I believe it is essential for every aspiring coach to attend as many of these clinics as possible, not only to improve personally and professionally, but to become better known in the coaching community.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Approximately 55 percent of Americans would be more likely to purchase a high-definition television (HDTV) if they knew it could be professionally installed, according to the December 2006 Best Buy Omnitel Survey released today.
During this time, the Department of Buildings will include an additional zoning review for all professionally certified New Building and Subdivision applications that meet one or more of the following criteria: a.
Graham, who has worked on floats both professionally and as a volunteer, said he believes there have been six previous Antelope Valley floats in the Rose Parade, the last in 1959.
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