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prod at someone or something

to poke at someone or something. The boys prodded at the prone body of the man to see if he was dead or sleeping. If you prod at the turtle, it will never come out of its shell.
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prod someone into something

to motivate someone into doing something; to provoke someone into action. Do I have to prod you into going? Can't you volunteer for once? We will prod her into getting it done on time.
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on the prod

looking for trouble. North American informal
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1. n. a reminder. She gave me a little prod about the report that is due Monday.
2. tv. to remind someone (about something). Stop prodding me about these minor matters.
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All the while, the World Bank should be on the front lines prodding, and helping these nations to embrace necessary reforms.
BUSINESSES TO HIRE WELFARE PEOPLE: Scores of business leaders said they would do their part to end welfare, promising to hire people off the rolls while prodding neighbors and competitors to do the same.