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prod at someone or something

to poke at someone or something. The boys prodded at the prone body of the man to see if he was dead or sleeping. If you prod at the turtle, it will never come out of its shell.
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prod someone into something

to motivate someone into doing something; to provoke someone into action. Do I have to prod you into going? Can't you volunteer for once? We will prod her into getting it done on time.
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1. n. a reminder. She gave me a little prod about the report that is due Monday.
2. tv. to remind someone (about something). Stop prodding me about these minor matters.
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Outside shrouds with hull chainplates supports the alloy rig while up front the retractable prodder deploys for an asymmetric kite.
Taking a long metal prodder, he ever-so-gently probed the ground in front of him until he made contact with the mine.
Limited Tenders are invited for Blasting Machine, Drilling Machine And Prodder
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -38 & Work No: Prodder
There was no pole because this boat was fitted with an optional Selden prodder, which bolts to the foredeck and services the MPS (multi-purpose spinnaker) that cruising sailors prefer to a conventional kite as it's so easy to control.
To paraphrase Del Boy "This time next year, Prodders, we'll be millionaires
In his memoir, Hitchens accepts the honor of being associated with such prominent nonbelievers as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, warriors against "the literally lethal challenge" from those of "absolute certainty" and prodders of those "hesitating to defend the society that makes their existence possible.
After a lifetime spent on the peripheries of politics--as the daughter of an elected official, tired of being poked and prodded--I attempted to join the pokers and the prodders, but I simply don't have it in me.
Digium is leading the telecommunications industry into an open source model by creating Asterisk, the first open source PBX/telephony system and showcasing successful implementations at small businesses, service prodders and enterprises in nearly every vertical market.