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procure something (from someone or something) (for someone or something)

to get something from someone or something for someone or some purpose. I will procure a copy of the paper from Kelly for you. I have to procure a book for my sister.
References in classic literature ?
Here we shall in time be in peace, and our regular employments, our books and conversations, with exercise, the children, and every domestic pleasure in my power to procure her, will, I trust, gradually overcome this youthful attachment.
Beaufort had saved but a very small sum of money from the wreck of his fortunes, but it was sufficient to provide him with sustenance for some months, and in the meantime he hoped to procure some respectable employment in a merchant's house.
Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) procures Unani medicines through various sources for its beneficiaries.
This center procures and disseminates information in the social sciences to all the social scientists in the country.
The Command has streamlined procedures for moving most domestic freight and fuels under an initiative known as Tailored Transportation Contracts and substantially revamped the way the military procures domestic freight services.
Further, in New York, absent agreement to the contrary, a broker is entitled to a commission if he or she procures a deal with a ready, willing and able prospect - whether or not the deal ever closes or is even reduced to writing.