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proceed against someone or something

1. to begin to move against someone or something. The entire platoon proceeded against the single enemy soldier who refused to surrender. The army proceeded against the fortress as planned.
2. to start legal action against someone or something. The district attorney will proceed against the suspect next week. The state prosecutor will proceed against the company as soon as one of the witnesses is located.
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proceed (from something) (to something)

to go from something or some place to something or some place. Next, we will proceed from Vienna to Budapest. We proceeded from Detroit, passing through rural Michigan.

proceed with something

to move ahead with something; to continue something. Now, we will proceed with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. When will you proceed with the needed action?
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proceed from

1. To set out or embark from some place: We proceeded from the bus station toward our hotel.
2. To have something as an origin or cause; have developed from something: Most of our mistakes proceed from carelessness.
See also: proceed

proceed with

To begin or continue some action or process: The company proceeded with its plan to fire the workers, despite opposition from the union.
See also: proceed
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The ruling permitted Parent to distribute the proceeds of Target's D business to the Parent's shareholders and gave Parent the option to distribute the proceeds of the sale of the C business later, as long as those proceeds were distributed within one year of the adoption of the plan to distribute the D business.
REFLECTIONS: The IRS reached a similar result in Letter Ruling 200304038, in which a deceased spouse designated her estate as the sole beneficiary and the surviving spouse transferred the IRA proceeds from the estate to his own IRA.
They should draft a memorandum justifying the transfer of a percentage of the net forfeited proceeds to the assisting government.
Asset forfeiture laws at the federal level, and in most states, allow law enforcement to use proceeds of certain seizures for equipment and other needs, especially when the seized property is drug related and there are no victims to compensate.
While awaiting the outcome of the litigation, however, the estate filed a federal estate tax return that excluded one-half of the insurance proceeds as representing a one-half community property share not owned by the decedent.
More often than not, the stock or asset sale agreement provides for some portion of the sales proceeds to be placed in escrow, or otherwise held back from the sales proceeds due the seller at closing.
The IRS says a new mortgage loan used solely to repay existing indebtedness does not qualify under the section 461(g)(2) exception because the proceeds are not used to purchase or improve the taxpayer's principal residence.
Gross proceeds paid to corporations engaged in providing "legal services" are reportable under Sec.
All proceeds from eligible stock sales must be rolled over into an SSBIC within 60 days from the date of sale.
69 million of principal proceeds were used to redeem the senior secured note balance and cure the senior secured IC test on Nov.
A portion of the liquidation proceeds relating to shares in the loan suspense account was paid to the plan in 1996, to be used by the plan to repay the remaining balance of its 1993 stock acquisition indebtedness.
But what if the insurance proceeds exceed the individual's increased living expenses during the loss period?
Approximately $50 million of the proceeds from the rights offering are expected to be used to redeem approximately $50 million principal amount of the 8 5/8% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2008 of Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, Revlon's wholly-owned operating subsidiary ("RCPC"), with the remainder of such proceeds expected to be used to repay indebtedness outstanding under RCPC's $160 million multi-currency revolving credit facility, without any permanent reduction in that commitment, after paying fees and expenses incurred in connection with the rights offering.
TC Memo 1997-298, illustrates how a taxpayer may be able to control the taxation of the sale of a secured asset and the assignment of the proceeds to the secured creditor, coupled with a related forgiveness of the nonrecourse debt.
Life insurance can be an attractive financial planning tool because the proceeds payable on the death of an insured generally are exempt from taxation.
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