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probe into something

to investigate something. The police will probe into the matter and report to the commissioner. We will take some time and probe into that for you.
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probe something for something

to poke around in something for something. He probed his memory for some clue as to where he had been on that date. Sam probed the darkened space for the tool that he had mislaid.
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Use only one brand of probe to achieve standardization
Exceptionally robust, the probes are designed to last from two to five years (some test site probes have been buried that long and are still functioning), but Patterson admits the wires are a potential weak link in the system.
Another is a set of two probes - each the size of a liter bottle of soda - designed to be fired at the surface of Mars from an orbiting spacecraft.
The Agilent N2795A 1-GHz and N2796A 2-GHz single-ended active probes feature 1-Mohm input impedance and 1-pF input capacitance for low signal loading.
The five-step chemical reaction that synthesizes the glucose probe requires several different solvents.
This eliminates many of the problems associated with intermittent contact and varying contact resistance between the membrane and the IC surface that are often experienced when using other manufacturers' membrane probes.
Whenever the probe actually touches the workpiece, the point of contact is defined in terms of the x-y-z axes of a coordinate system.
Additional customized probe configurations to address specific trace needs or features of a customer design can be rapidly implemented, and such customization of the SNP probe is offered by FS2 as a design service.
Oceanographers from a dozen or so nations plan to launch an armada of 3,000 Argo probes by 2006.
CPSC urges owners of the probes to discontinue use immediately and to destroy the products.
Materials with a very narrow processing-temperature range require probes with very good temperature uniformity throughout the body and tip.
Nasdaq:FORM) today expanded its Harmony[TM] portfolio of full-area 300-mm wafer probe cards with the introduction of its Harmony XP probe card--an advanced wafer probing solution for high-density mobile, commodity and graphics DRAM devices that enables the lowest overall test cost per die.
Operating on a makeshift navigation system and performing an extra mission assigned on the fly, NASA's Deep Space 1 probe (DS1) has executed a stunning rendezvous with a comet.
A copy of "Bead Probe Handbook: Successfully Implementing Agilent Medalist Bead Probes in Practice" is included with each license.
If the DNA being tested hybridizes instead to features where the DNA probes contain a G at that spot, it would signify that the tested sample had a C instead of an A there, representing a single mutation.