probe into

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probe into (something)

To begin inquiring into or investigating something. Regulators are probing into the company's records to see what led to its collapse and the knock-on effect that had on the global economy. I've been asked to probe into the incident and see what I can find.
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probe into something

to investigate something. The police will probe into the matter and report to the commissioner. We will take some time and probe into that for you.
See also: probe
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The descent of the unmanned Galileo probe into Jupiter's unexpectedly dry and very windy atmosphere last year is sparking new and refined scientific theories about the giant planet.
The acquisition is expected to move SV Probe into the global top 3 probe card manufacturers, expanding SV's product line and customer base.
Lunine of the University of Arizona in Tucson calculate that after 10 hours, the searing heat at Jupiter's lower depths will have vaporized the probe into individual atoms and molecules.
Kevin Kurtz, President and CEO of SV Probe, said, "The combination of SV Probe and K&S wafer test products has moved SV Probe into the global top three, providing a comprehensive set of innovative and cost effective wafer test solutions.
Now, in just a few seconds, engineers can simply plug a probe into their target and press the logic analysis run button to make a measurement.
The Neoprobe 1500 Control Unit is the microprocessor-based platform for all Neoprobe detector probes which translates the gamma pulses detected by the probe into understandable displays and sounds.