probe for

probe something for something

to poke around in something for something. He probed his memory for some clue as to where he had been on that date. Sam probed the darkened space for the tool that he had mislaid.
See also: probe
References in classic literature ?
She pretended that she was always well now, and concealed her ailments so craftily that we had to probe for them:-
The company's Reflection Polymer Melt Probe for opaque materials and its Transmission Polymer Melt Probe for clear or translucent melts can withstand the conditions inside an extruder.
FuturePlus Systems today introduced the FS4400, a low-cost PCI Express protocol analysis probe for use with Agilent Technologies' logic analyzers.
Additional information about the Agilent N5397A FPGA dynamic probe for Infiniium 54830 Series MSOs is available at www.
NYSE:A) today announced the industry's first single protocol analysis probe for serial ATA (SATA) and serial attached SCSI (SAS).
Agilent's dynamic probe for FPGAs is both innovative and useful," said Jim Turley, editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming and judge of the Best of Show awards.
the market leader in embedded software development tools and royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced support of the TimeMachine 4-D debugger and SuperTrace probe for the Motorola MPC5554, a 32-bit PowerPC controller for advanced automotive and industrial systems.
NYSE:A) today introduced the industry's first interposer analysis probe for next-generation double data rate 2 (DDR2) synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) buses.
The new Agilent HF-CV solution for the Agilent 4070 Series, integrates the UF300A wafer prober made by ACCRETECH, a dedicated probe card made by Micronics Japan and the Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer and the Agilent 42941A Impedance Probe for high-volume measurements.
today announced the Slingshot(TM), a low-cost, high-performance, plug-n-play hardware debug probe for 32-bit and 64-bit embedded systems.
Green Hills Software today announced the industry's fastest and most intelligent hardware debug probe for Motorola's StarCore(R)-based MSC810x DSPs and StarCore-based SoC embedded systems.
Green Hills Software today announced the Green Hills Probe(TM), the industry's fastest and most intelligent hardware debug probe for 32-bit, 64-bit, and multiprocessor SoC embedded systems.
Ando Corporation's IP Products Division today announced plans to exhibit its first-to-market OC-48c IP Core Network Probe for Packet-over-SONET (POS) networks at Networld + Interop in the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 8-10.
Teradyne has been jointly working with a broad range of prober, probe card, and probe card metrology tool suppliers, for more than two years, to develop a revolutionary new interface to meet the needs of highly parallel wafer probe for high-volume DRAM and other memory devices," said Simon Longson, Interface Design Manager.