prize above

prize someone or something above someone or something

to value someone or something more than anyone or anything else. He prized his only daughter above everyone else in the world. Scott seemed to prize his sports car above all the members of his family.
See also: above, prize
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Mayor of Kirklees and avid cyclist, Martyn Bolt, cycled to meet pupils and young racing stars, Gabriel Cullaigh and Levi Moody, principal Angela Williams and sta member Lee Speight in the college's new sports barn, to raise the weighty prize above their heads.
The Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools ($50,000) is similar to the Prize above.
We know we maybe can't match the money being tabled, even by sides like Rotherham, but we can certainly offer something in football terms that he would prize above that.
Awards with cash prizes - totaling $10,000 - will be given to the top three submissions, including the grand prize Innovation Award, the second prize People's Choice Award, and the third prize Above and Beyond Accessibility Award.
Gabriel held back on the one piece of information England would prize above all.
London, Aug 17(ANI): England off-spinner Graeme Swann has revealed that Indian batsman Rahul Dravid, not Sachin Tendulkar, is the wicket that his team prize above all others as they attempt to whitewash India in a Test series for the first time in 37 years.
If you are able to mark offall the numbers on any one of the six prize grids during the game, you win the prize above that grid.
We won't be spared the spectacle of John Terry shouting 'gerrin 'er ya beauty' as he lifts English football's greatest prize above his head.
Mercy, my sponsored daughter is growing up and World Vision has made it possible for her to gain that thing Ugandans prize above all others, an education.
Mercy, my sponsored daughter, is growing up and World Vision have made it possible for her to gain that thing Ugandans prize above all others, an education.
And he became the fourth different jockey to win the race for a trainer who values this prize above all others and marked his fifth victory in the pounds 150,000 6f handicap by saddling a one-two for good measure.
But when he held the prize above his head, it broke into two pieces, fell to the floor and got the best laugh of the night.
Who doesn't believe the one thing Newcastle should prize above all others is some kind of stability instead of the ridiculous Toon Army knee-jerk, cry-me-a-river wailings?
Yet the precept ors of all religion and faith whose wisdom we prize above all others tell us one cannot answer force with force.
The company was nominated for its centralized Wireless LAN System and was awarded the prize above two other shortlisted finalists at a Gala presentation evening in London, UK.