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abuse of privileges

The wrongful or unlawful misuse of power in one's duties, either at the expense of others or to the advantage of the abuser. The governor displayed a flagrant abuse of privileges, channeling state funds toward a project owned by her son-in-law at the expense of more worthwhile causes. The moderator was deemed to have committed an abuse of privileges, deleting comments that opposed his own.
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*(a) right to something

 and *(the) right to something
a privilege or license to have something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have the right to have the kind of house I want. You have a right to any house you can afford.
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In this country, the closest example one could find of white privilege would have been under slavery or "Jim Crow" laws.
The privilege, which may be asserted in noncriminal tax proceedings in federal court, is an extension of the attorney-client privilege to tax advice provided by nonattorney tax practitioners.
On Windows 7 and Vista platforms, Privilege Guard may be configured to intercept and replace UAC consent dialogs with Privilege Guard's policy driven elevation, auditing and messaging capabilities," said Mark Austin, CTO at Avecto.
As a general matter, attorney communications with at least certain members of an entity's management can be subject to the privilege.
Second, because the privilege shields relevant and sometimes critical information, judges have disfavored it, creating numerous "exceptions" to the privilege.
GAO was asked to testify on (1) how VA credentials and privileges physicians working in its medical facilities and (2) the extent to which VA has implemented the three recommendations made in GAO's May 2006 report that address VA's privileging requirements.
Created in response to the adoption of policies by a number of governmental agencies that weaken the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine, Bar President Hank Coxe appointed the Attorney-Client Privilege Task Force to examine the purpose behind the privilege and its exceptions, the circumstances under which and the extent to which the privilege is being threatened by government waiver policies, and the competing interests being asserted to override the privilege.
The reality of privilege makes us take another look at the Christmas story and our holiday traditions.
California's adoption of one of the most far-reaching practice privilege statutes in the nation, coupled with an intention to enforce the law, created a national stir even though at least 31 states already had adopted some version of practice privilege.
John Williams delivered a speech to the Texas Law Institute in which he made several references to the "Alamo" in the course of setting forth the Internal Revenue Service's view of the scope of the attorney-client privilege in tax matters.
Attorney-client privilege has long been recognized and respected by the legal system, since the confidentiality it provides instills confidence among attorneys and clients to discuss sensitive matters, including compliance with laws and regulations, remediation of noncompliance and defense of those accused of breaking the law.
It provides that the attorney-client privilege is not waived when privileged information is disclosed to third parties with a community of interest.
Bazy asserted that both sets of interview notes were subject to the attorney-client privilege and that the September 1999 interviews were protected by the joint defense or common interest privilege.
3) In this Comment, I argue that Posner overlooks the unique ways in which a privilege for nonconfidential information protects the newsgathering process.
But Justice Lewis Powell, in a cryptic three-paragraph concurrence, wrote that there should be a modest privilege protecting journalists from unnecessary harassment by law enforcement.