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Emphasis: Chamber music, history, improvisation, jazz, private lessons, technique, repertoire, sight reading, theory, workshops, electronic and computer music and conducting.
Says Dom DeChiara, partner and head of the private equity and investment funds practice at King & Spalding, a New York law firm: "In the auction process, bankers are doing a good job of extracting the last penny out of the private equity shops.
local government to a private status would reflect the fact that much of what local governments do is business-like.
While agreeing with Tooley that private schools tend to provide better-quality education (as I also found in a 1996 study I conducted), I would be more cautious and nuanced about the policy implications.
It is important for American families and decision makers to realize that private colleges are part of one of the greatest transfers of private wealth in U.
This article explains why the topic of private company GAAP is important to the profession and those it serves, and it provides details on how current GAAP in some cases does--and in others does not--meet the needs of private company financial reporting constituents.
Private roads dot the county landscape, but money from the gasoline tax - which pays for road construction and maintenance - does not go to them.
Another common scenario is a private company whose owners resist taking the business public because they want to preserve ownership for the next generation.
Police departments in 18 states currently use, or plan to use, private security guards to fill support roles.
A financial holding company may own, control or hold any interest in a private equity fund under this subpart and any interest in a portfolio company that is owned or controlled by a private equity fund in which the financial holding company owns or controls any interest under this subpart for the duration of the fund, up to a maximum of 15 years.
When considering implementing both private and public loop devices within a switched fabric, it's important to understand the differences between initiators and targets.
Since business backers are selective, only the chosen few will receive private equity capital.
A statewide referendum that would have earmarked $2,500 in public funding for private religious school tuition failed by a two-to-one margin, 67 percent to 33 percent.
While this was the first NRA announcement to its membership of the inception of NASPPR, two important NRA decisions should be acknowledged before reviewing the emergence of the private sector division.
Australia has a mixed public and private health system.